Tow Truck Driver Nearly Drowns Trying to Rescue a Corvette

I think we can all agree, the owner of this 1984 Corvette had a bad day, but the tow truck driver who tried rescuing his Corvette almost had his last day.

In Port St. Lucie, Florida, two police officers had to rescue a tow truck driver from drowning while he was trying to pull a 1984 Corvette out of the water.

The owner of the Corvette lost control of the car and landed in a lake where he had to break the side window out and swim to shore.  A short time later, Danny Hahn arrived in his tow truck, and jumped into the lake to try and locate the Corvette.

Local police got the call around 9:30 this morning regarding the submerged Corvette.  When officers arrived, they had to jump in and rescue Hahn who was suffering from exhaustion while trying to swim back to shore.

Officers Corona and Drug rescue a man from a lake in Port St. Lucie. (Port St. Lucie Police)

Both Hahn and the Corvette driver are ok.  As far as the Corvette, not so much.

Source: CBS12

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