Cement Filled Corvette Owned by WWE Vince McMahon Discovered

In October of 1998, Corvette fans were horrified when “Stone Cold” Steve Austin drove into a wrestling arena with a cement truck and poured cement inside Vince McMahon’s beloved Corvette.

It was no secret that a long time feud had been brewing between “Stone Cold” and Vince McMahon.  During a live episode of “Raw”, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin hijacked a cement truck and and pulled up alongside McMahon’s Corvette unleashing the truck’s contents into the C4.

McMahon was sitting backstage watching the entire scene unfold over video monitors.  McMahon went ballistic as he shouted at wrestling legend Mick Foley, “Mr. Socko”, to recover the keys and his briefcase inside.

Obviously, the feud between “Stone Cold” and McMahon continued for quite some time after that episode, but the white C4 Corvette disappeared, until now.

Tucked away behind a warehouse in Norwalk, Connecticut with a WWE sign in front, Jim Cooper stumbled upon a McMahon’s Corvette sitting there with a garden growing inside.

Cooper told Jalopnik:

“I happened upon an innocuous C4 buried way in the back of an industrial warehouse in Norwalk, CT. It’s been sitting unprotected for a…. while. It’s surrounded by an older Lincoln hearse and (2) GIANT trailer spotlights. Like for a grand opening thing. Obviously, the owner is eclectic.”

What Does The Future Hold For This Corvette?

Last year, sources close to McMahon reported that he had spent the last two decades, scraping and clawing the concrete out of his Corvette, vowing that he would get it running again and drive it by Steve Austin’s house in a show of defiance.

It’s no surprise that the Corvette was discovered in Connecticut as McMahon’s mansion is there as well as his extensive car collection.

It’s anyone’s guess what will happen to the Corvette now that it’s been discovered.  Other than being a memorable part of WWE history, it’s sad that it’s worth nothing more than some spare parts.

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