1972 Corvette Falls Victim to New Zealand Earthquake

alker's house is a wreck after the earthquakes, but his broken Corvette is a bigger concern.

At 6:02 AM on November 13, 2016, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck New Zealand.  Centered 56 km from Leithfield, the quake claimed the lives of two people as well as a 1972 Corvette that was suspended on a hoist at a mechanic’s workshop.

Ian Walker isn’t that upset that his home is now a disaster, but he’s not too pleased that his prized 1972 Corvette is now hanging off a hoist with the nose of the car resting on the floor.

The earthquake was so strong that it shook the Corvette off the hoist causing it to come crashing down, nose first into the floor of the shop.

Walker has been with the the town of Kaikoura’s fire brigade for 59 years and chief for 28 of those.  He immediately responded the morning of the quake to help the citizens of the town and as a result, witnessed an incredible amount of destruction in its wake.

Luckily, Walker feels that Kaikoura will be fine as well as his 1972 Corvette.

Kaikoura volunteer fire chief Ian Walker with his pride and joy a ’72 Corvette which fell of a hoist in his workshop during the earthquake.

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