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[EBAY] One-Family Owned 1954 Corvette Barn Find For Sale

by Marcus PalmerMarcus Palmer
1954 Corvette - VIN E54S004227

This 1954 Corvette with 83K miles on the clock has been sitting in a barn since 1987 and has been kept in the same family with one owner since new

It may look a little rough around the edges, but this unrestored, 1954 Corvette VIN E54S004227 in Polo White is actually in pretty decent condition considering that it’s been sitting in a barn since 1987.  And it still runs!

Listed on EBAY by an unknown seller in Miami, Florida, the car was originally purchased by the father of Carolyn King in Texas.  The daughter held on to the Corvette until the family moved out of Texas and she was getting too old to take care of it.  The family eventually sold it to Druk Auto, LLC in Minnesota where it resided until now.

According to the listing, the numbers-matching Corvette is in need of restoration, but the interior is in decent condition with seats that were recovered at some point in the car’s past.

The Corvette retains its original dash, original gauges, original door panels, original chrome, original radio, original motor and transmission, and comes with the original side windows, original convertible top, and original hubcaps.

1954 Corvette - VIN E54S0042271954 Corvette Production Numbers

In 1953, the Corvette only came in Polo White with red interior, but in 1954, Chevrolet expanded the color palette to include Sportsman Red, Pennant Blue and Black.

According to production numbers here at the Corvette Action Center, Polo White was the most popular color in 1954 with 3,230 built out of a total of 3,640 built for the 1954 model year.

The VIN range for the 1954 Corvette year runs between 001001 – 004640.  This particular example with a serial number of 004227 indicates that it was a later production model built that year.

If you’re looking for a restoration project that wouldn’t be like starting from scratch, this 1954 Corvette might be just for you.  Fully restored, it’s always a treat when you see a fully restored classic Corvette like this being enjoyed on the open road.

Source:  EBAY

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