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Owner Research Center

Below are random ads from our Owner Information Center. Ads are categorized into owners who are looking for past owner information for their Corvettes, and past Corvette owners who have information / documentation available on Corvette they've owned.

Information Wanted:

Year:  1965   VIN: 194675S116903
I have owned this Goldwood Yellow 365 HP Roadster for 1 year. Purchased from Bob Russo in Lakewood NJ. Interested in any history available on the car. It has side pipes and reproduction knock-off wheels, both are add-ons and not original. I am restoring the car, interior is done, and now I am working on frame, and suspension. – Complete Ad

Information Available:

Year:  1978   VIN: 1Z8748S411640
Silver Anniversary, red interior, automatic. Looking for previous owners information. Please contact me with any information you may have on the car. Earliest known owner was Dan E. Minnier, Klamath Falls, until Oct. 1989 (plate number EML 455, Portland, Oregon). Mr. Minnier moved in 1993 (new address is unknown). – Complete Ad