Metric Fuel Consumption Calculator

Metric Fuel Consumption Calculator

This calculator requires the use of a Javascript enabled web browser and was built to determine the fuel (what ever it is) consumption of a vehicle, based on kilometers driven and liters or Imperial gallons of fuel used, and optionally, the direct fuel expense per kilometer. (You may substitute either liters or Imperial gallons consistently in this calculator. You may also substitute Euros or dollars as long as it is consistent throughout.)

  • All entries should be numeric.
  • The current odometer reading MUST be greater than the previous odometer reading.
  • The calculator assumes that the tank was full when you recorded the Previous Odometer reading.
  • If you know the exact number of kilometers since the last fill, you can enter it direct in the Trip Odometer field instead of Current and Previous data entries.
  • The cost per liter or Imperial gallon is the pump price you pay, in Euros, for that quantity of fuel.

The answer is returned as a number of kilometers per liter or Imperial gallon, kilometers since your last fill, based on your entries, and optionally, the direct fuel expense per kilometer and your approximate cost for the current fill. Click here for the US version of this calculator. Enjoy!

Data Entry
Current Odometer Reading   
Previous Odometer Reading   
Actual Trip Odometer Reading Or Actual Kilometers   
Liters or Imperial Gallons Put In The Tank   
Optional Fuel Cost Per Liter or Imperial Gallon    Euros or Dollars
Calculated Results
Distance Traveled Since Last Fill Is    Kilometers (km)
Your Fuel Consumption Usage Is    Kilometers Per Liter or Imperial Gallon (KPL or KPG)
Your Fuel Direct Expense Is    Euros Per Kilometer or Dollars Per Kilometer
Your Fuel Fill Expense Is About    Euros This Fill or Dollars This Fill

Please be advised:  The accuracy of this calculator and its applicability to your circumstances is not guaranteed. It's meant to be used as an informational guide only. Always obtain professional advice from qualified automotive professionals.