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Unit Conversion Calculators

Enter a value in any cell and hit "Calculate" in the same row.

Distance Unit Conversion Calculator
Meters Centimeters Inches Feet Yards Miles Nautical 
Weight Unit Conversion Calculator
Kilograms Ounces Pounds Troy 
Stones Short 
Volume Unit Conversion Calculator
Liters Centimeters3 Inch3 Fluid 
Quarts US Gallons Imperial 
Thermal Conductivity
W/(m.K) W/(cm.K) Btu/(h.ft.F) kcal/(h.m.C) cal/(s.cm.C) W/(inch.C)
Heat Transfer Coefficient
W/(m2.K) W/(cm2.K) Btu/(h.ft2.F) kcal/(h.m2.C) cal/(s.cm2.C) W/(inch2.C)
Pressure and Stress
N/m2 (Pa) MPa lbf/inch2(psi) lbf/ft2 st. atmosphere inch Hg Torrs bar

Please be advised:  The accuracy of these calculators and their applicability to your circumstances is not guaranteed. It's meant to be used as an informational guide only. Always obtain professional advice from qualified automotive professionals.