Fuel Injector Flow Calculator

This calculator requires the use of a Javascript enabled web browser.

  • Enter the current fuel pressure at the injector inlet.
  • Enter the anticipated or improved fuel pressure at the injector inlet.
  • Enter the fuel injector fuel flow rating in pounds of fuel per hours (lbs/hr).
  • Click on Calculate Injector Flow.
The value will be returned in lbs/hr based on the improved fuel pressure. To do another, click the Clear Values button and then enter a new set of values. Calculated accuracy of current Javascript enabled browsers is generally 16 places.

Data Entry
Enter Original Fuel Pressure
Enter New Fuel Pressure
Enter Rating Of Fuel Injector (lb/hr)
New Flow Rate Of Fuel Injector lb/hr

Please be advised:  The accuracy of this calculator and its applicability to your circumstances is not guaranteed. It's meant to be used as an informational guide only. Always obtain professional advice from qualified automotive professionals.