Corvette Engine Displacement Calculator

This calculator will help you determine your engine displacement, or compression ratio as well as what CCs or deck height is required to achieve a particular compression ratio.

Engine Item MM Inches Measurement
Engine Bore
Engine Stroke
Deck Height *
Combustion Chamber CC's
Your Compression Ratio is
Number of cylinders
Your Displacement is :
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* NOTE: The Deck Height measurement is derived from the top of the block or cylinder down to the top of the piston. If the piston sticks up above the top of the block or cylinder, the deck height will be negative ( -.010").
Remember to include the thickness of your headgasket (if you have it) into your deck height. (if your deck is -.020, and your head gasket is .100" thick then your deck would be .100 + (-.020) = .080)

Please be advised:  The accuracy of this calculator and its applicability to your circumstances is not guaranteed. It's meant to be used as an informational guide only. Always obtain professional advice from qualified automotive professionals.