Carburetor CFM Calculator

This calculator can be used to determine the CFM (cubic feet per minute) carburetor needed for your particular engine application.  Enter the cubic inch displacement, maximum rpm of the engine and the volumetric efficiency (VE) (if available).

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  • If you're not sure what the CID (Cubic Inch Displacement) of your engine is, type in the size of the engine in liters and press the button to convert that number to CID.

  • CID:( Cubic Inch Displacement):  This should be entered as a decimal/integer.  If you only know the displacement in liters, enter the value below for the CID equivalent.

  • RPM:( Revolutions Per Minute):  Refers to the maximum RPM's for the engine (redline).

  • VE: Volumetric Efficiency. This value should be entered in decimal format.  (ie. 85% would be entered .85) Most engines average around 85% VE, so if you are unsure, just use 85%.
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The accuracy of this calculator and its applicability to your circumstances is not guaranteed.  You should obtain personal advice from qualified professionals.