C4 and C5 Corvette Regular Production Options (RPOs)

Below is a general listing of RPO Codes that we obtained which covers several GM platforms including Corvette. At this point in time, we have not been able to determine what model years these listings cover, nor have we been able to verify the accuracy of the information. As a result, this information should be used as a guide to help you determine what some of the RPO codes could be for your particular Corvette.

Before using these listings, you should take a look at your particular model year in our Corvette Tech Center for the most accurate RPO codes listed.

For the 1984 - 1996 generation of Corvette, please see 1984 - 1996 RPO Codes for a full list.

GM Regular Production Options by Family

The following are general vehicle areas and the regular production option families in which they are located:

Air Conditioning and Heater C34 -- C69
Axle, Front (Related) FP0 -- FY5, F16 - F79
Axle, Rear (Related) G44 - G95, GH0 - GYS, HO4 - HK9
Brakes J1F -- J85, JA1 - JY9
Bumpers and Related Components V27 -- V97, VV2 - VYU
Defogger -- Rear Glass & Related C47 -- C50
Electrical, Chassis UO1 - U99, T60 -- T99
Engine (Related) K0l - K99, KA1 - KY9, LO1 -- L99, LA1 - LY9
Exterior Ornamentation BVZ -- BY1, 851 -- B99
Fuel, Exhaust and Emissions NO1 - N29, NA1 - NN9
Glass AO1 -- A33, AA1 -- AA9
Interior Ornamentation BB8 - BV9, B18 - B48
Lamps C71 - C97
Locks AU3 -- AU6
Mirrors, Body DD4 - DK5, D28 -- D78
Moldings and Ext. Emblems B71 - B94
Radiator and Grille V01 -- V29, VA1 - VM9
Radio Related UK1 -- UY8, U56 - U96
Roof, Ornamentation and Trim CA1 -- CC3, C01 -- C10
Seats, Seat Adjusters A34 - A81, AE5 - AV7
Springs 6AA -- 6ZZ, 7AA - 7ZZ, 8AA -- 8ZZ, 9AA - 9ZZ
Steering (Related) N30 - N59, NN1 - NY9
Stripes, Body Decor DX1 -- DY6, D84 - D99
Suspension F40 -- F99, FN1 -- FY9
Transmission M01 -- M99, MA1 -- MY9
Wheel and Tire N60 -- N99, P01 -- P99, PA1, PH9, PW1 - PY9, 001 -- 099, QA1, QY9, R01 -- R30

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