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Technical Article: Synthetic Oil Use

From Jim Ingle, GM Powertrain Engineer (this question was asked in terms of adding Mobil 1 to a ZR-1 after engine break-in):"There is probably more misunderstanding of lubricants and "old wive's tales" about them than any other automotive issue. A... Read More

Technical Article: Mapping Your Advance Curve

By John HinckleyUsed here with permission.Copyright John HinckleyThe objective of this article is to show how to verify the operation of these systems and make necessary corrections at home, using ordinary tools; there’s no need for a classic... Read More

Technical Article: Horsepower vs. Torque

Description:An excellent look at the differences between horsepower and torque and how each rating is achieved during engine development by Corvette Powertrain Engineer, Jim Ingle.Excerpt:"Two views of the same measurement are involved: power and... Read More

Technical Article: Corvette Performance Testing

Description:An in-depth look at how Corvette performance numbers are generated by the Corvette Development team. This article was written by Jim Ingle who used to be a Corvette Powertrain Engineer.Excerpt:"This is another discussions best illustrated... Read More

Technical Article: Advantages of an Oil Prime Tool

By John Hinckley, Corvette Enthusiast MagazineUsed here with permission.Copyright John Hinckley, Corvette Enthusiast MagazineREADER’S QUESTION: My ’69 restoration is about half done; the body is at the painter, and I’ve completed... Read More

Small Block Chevrolet Engine Crankshaft Specifications

Small Block Chevrolet Crankshaft Specifications Casting #EngineForged/CastJournalStroke of crankRear main seal 1130 327 Forged Medium 3.25" 2-piece 1178 302 Forged Medium 3.25" 2-piece 1181 305/350 Cast Medium 3.48" 2-piece 1182 350 Forged... Read More

Small Block and Big Block Engine Bore and Stroke Chart

Bore & Stroke Chart Small Block Engine EngineYearsBore DiameterStrokeRod LengthMain Bearing DiameterRod Bearing DiameterMain CapsJournal SizeNotes 262 1975-76 3.671 3.10 5.7 2.45 2.10 2-bolt Medium   265 1955-56 3.75 3.00 5.7 2.30 2... Read More

Service Bulletin: Removal of Tight Wheels

Subject: Removal of Tight WheelsModel and Year: All Passenger CarsSource: Chevrolet Service BulletinBulletin Number: Number 85-28, Section 3E (X), Feb., 1985 TO:  ALL CHEVROLET DEALERS Sometimes wheels can be difficult to remove from the car due... Read More

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