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2019 Corvette ZR1: Service Bulletin: #PIC6338B: Service Parts Restriction - ZR1 Carbon Fiber Body Parts and Ground Effects - (Apr 15, 2019)

#PIC6338B: Service Parts Restriction - ZR1 Carbon Fiber Body Parts and Ground Effects - (Apr 15, 2019)

Subject Service Parts Restriction - ZR1 Carbon Fiber Body Parts and Ground Effects



Model Year:









Corvette ZR1







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North America, Japan, Saudi Arabia


The new 2019 Corvette ZR1 is General Motors quickest, fastest, and most capable vehicle ever produced.  In order to help achieve such levels of performance, the vehicle’s design and manufacturing processes utilize many lightweight materials throughout the vehicle. This aides in reducing the overall mass of the vehicle.  Traditional vehicles use parts and components made of steel, aluminum, and plastic. The Corvette ZR1 also employs extensive use of carbon fiber throughout its construction. This material is very strong and very lightweight, making it an ideal material to use. 


Due to the limited parts availability for these exterior carbon fiber ZR1 body parts, GM has placed a parts restriction on the following items: hoods, front splitters (lower air dam), splitter extensions (end caps), fender vents, rocker moldings (RPO ZLZ only), engine covers, and rear spoilers (both street and track versions).


If the PDI technician should note damage to the ground effects or determine that part(s) are missing after first opening the box and BEFORE any of the components are installed on the vehicle, please review the instruction sheet that can be found inside the box.  The contact for missing or damaged parts would be Alex Vibbert.  His e-mail address is

If there is an issue with any of the PDI components BEFORE they are installed on the vehicle, please review bulletin 16-NA-201 as well, for additional information that may be helpful. 

For any carbon fiber related issues on a component that has previously been installed on the vehicle, please do not contact Alex Vibbert.  For any potential warranty issue, customer pay situations, insurance claims, or general quality issues with a carbon fiber component AFTER it had already been installed on the vehicle, this will be handled in a different manner.  Obtain all the needed information from the customer about the situation and include all of this information in an e-mail. Then, take several high quality photos of the damaged part(s) in question. Refer to PIC6346 for examples of acceptable photos. Attach the photos to the e-mail and put "Carbon Fiber Parts Restriction" in the subject line. Then, send it to the Corvette Brand Quality Manager, Jeff Strausser. His e-mail address is Both the issue and the photos will be reviewed, and a decision will be made. If the part request has been approved, a SPAC case will be generated to ship the requested part out to the dealership. If the request is denied, you will be provided with the reason why.

Note: GM does NOT support customer’s requests to purchase ZR1 carbon fiber parts / panels over the counter for the purpose of installing them on non-ZR1 Corvettes. Dealership personnel will be responsible to verify the part that the customer is requesting was originally installed on his / her ZR1

Important: Extreme care should be taken when removing the bubble wrap used to protect the carbon fiber parts. The use of razor blades, box cutters and/or pointed scissors is not recommended.  Rounded nosed, or safety scissors would be the best tool to remove the bubble wrap. Parts damaged by using the incorrect tool will be the dealership’s responsibility to repair or replace. Here is an example of how a razor blade can easily damage a part during the unpacking process.

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