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2014 - 2019 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Oil Change Information for Chevrolet Corvette

18-NA-129: Oil Change Information for Chevrolet Corvette - (Apr 20, 2018)


Oil Change Information for Chevrolet Corvette





Model Year:












6.2L (LT1, LT4, LT5)


Involved Region or Country

North America and N.A. Export Regions

Service Procedure

Important: The following information is applicable to the “Chevrolet Complete Care Program (U.S.)” for Chevrolet dealers in the United States. Dealers in Canada should continue to refer to guidelines contained in the latest HOL’s regarding the “2-Year Lube-Oil-Filter Program.” Be certain to reference the correct HOL applicable to the year of vehicle being serviced. (for example: HOL 2016-601 for model year 2017, HOL 2017-601 for model year 2018, etc.)

The 2014 - 2019 Chevrolet Complete Care Program for Corvettes was designed to take into account that Mobil 1™ is the engine oil of choice for many Corvette owners.

As a reminder, dealers are required to use Mobil 1 when performing oil changes on ALL 2014-2016 Corvettes through the Chevrolet Complete Care Program. Current reimbursement levels for Corvette are based on Mobil 1 oil usage. Please remind all personnel that only Mobil 1 oil should be used. In addition, please refer to Global Connect message # G_0000205212 (U.S.) for details on dry sump equipped (Z51, Z52, and Z06) Corvettes.

The non-Z51 Stingrays also receive Mobil 1 with the Dexos spec while under the Chevrolet Complete Care program. The only difference is non-Z51 Stingrays do not receive the 500 mile (800 km) break-in oil change.

GM has changed the required maintenance schedule for all 2016 Z51, Z52 and Z06 Corvettes equipped with dry sump systems. The new schedule will require the oil/filter be changed immediately after the break-in period, which occurs after the first 500 miles (800 km) of operation. Once the break-in oil change is performed and the Oil Life Monitoring system is reset, customers should follow the Oil Life Monitoring system for all future oil change needs.

Tip: Only use Mobil 1 when performing an oil change on any Corvette under the Chevrolet Complete Care Program.

An additional oil change has been added to the required maintenance schedule. Up to five oil changes for 2014 and 2015 (2016 will only get three) are now covered as part of the Chevrolet Complete Care program, which covers 2 years/24,000 miles (38,600 km) of select required maintenance. Please refer to the TechLink Magazine dated January 2015 titled Break-in Oil Change for Corvette Included in Chevrolet Complete Care Program.

Mobil 1 dexos2™ 0W-40 released for the 2019 Model Year engines can be used in 2014 - 2019 Corvettes with the LT1, LT4 and LT5 engines. When tracking the 2019 ZR1, it is required to install Mobil 1 15W-50 oil. Once the event is finished and the vehicle is put back on the road, the Mobil 1 15W-50 needs to be removed and Mobil 1 dexos2 0W-40 added back to the engine.

Note: If the instrument cluster displays the DIC ENGINE OIL HOT message, stop and allow the vehicle to idle until it cools down.

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