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2005 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Various Radio/CD Player Concerns (Replace Radio)

Service Bulletin #: 04-08-44-023A

Date: n/a

Subject:  Various Radio/CD Player Concerns (Replace Radio)

Model(s): 2005 Chevrolet Corvette with CD Player MP3 Radio (RPO US8) or CD Changer MP3 Radio (RPO US9)

This bulletin is being revised to provide the correction information for Advanced Service Information Bulletin Number 04-08-44-023. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 04-08-44-023 (Section 8 -- Body and Accessories).

Some customers may comment about one or more of the following conditions:

• No audio after ignition cycle.

• Radio presets change and audio is lost after 2-3 seconds.

• Radio always returns to FM1 after CD is ejected instead of previous selected band.

• CD will not play above a certain track number.

• CD changer reads "CD Full" when it is not.

• CD eject button sticks. Refer to Corporate Bulletin Number 04-08-44-022.

Some of these conditions may be intermittent and reset after the ignition is cycled.

These conditions may be caused by a software anomaly in the radio.

Important: The new radio must be set up for the option configuration of the vehicle. If the radio setup is not performed, the digital radio receiver, vehicle communication interface module (VCIM), disc player and video display, and the steering wheel controls may not work properly. The radio may display a calibrate message on the display.

Replace the radio with an exchange unit.

Parts Information

U.S. Dealers
Radio exchange units can be obtained from Specmo Enterprises in Madison Heights, Michigan. You can contact Specmo at (248)307-2570 or (800)545-7911. Specmo Enterprises is the only Authorized Electronic Service Center that stocks these exchange radios.

Canadian Dealers
Radio exchange units to be obtained from an authorized ACDelco Radio Centre.

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