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1982 - 1990 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Service Replacement Transmission Assembly (SRTA) Update

Model and Year:
1982-90 C1/C2, K1/K2, G1/G2, S1/S2 TRUCK
1987-90 R1/R2, V1/V2 TRUCK
1985-90 M1, 1990 L1 TRUCK
Source: Chevrolet Service Bulletin
Bulletin Number: 90-372-7A - (10/15/1990)



This bulletin expands the list for all SRTA model applications of the HYDRA-MATIC 4L60 through the 1990 model year.


- A SRTA is the product of a highly successful, customer satisfaction driven program providing the technician with a service alternative when addressing diagnostic and overhaul concerns.

- All SRTA units are designed and re-manufactured to current engineering specifications and are often less costly than a major overhaul.

- GMSPO Parts Distribution Centers are committed to 48 hour maximum delivery time for all SRTA models, with no VIP charges.



Cooler flushing MUST be performed whenever a transmission/ transaxle is removed for service. It is essential to flush the cooler before SRTA installation, major overhaul, in any case of pump or torque converter replacement, or when fluid contamination is suspected.


SRTA Part Model Model(s) Model Number Description Year(s) Replaced

 ----- ------ --------------- ------- ---------------
2M2 8654957 4.1 L K-Truck 1982-84 9M2, 9TC, 3TC, 4TC 2Y4 8654911 4.4L B-Car 1982 9Y4, 9Y1 2Y6 8659907 5.7L Y-Car 1982 9YA, 9Y6 3ME 8659920 5.0L/5.7L C/G-Truck 1983 3ME, 3TE (California) 3YG 8654934 5.0L TBI F-Car 1983 3YG 4MB 8659910 4.1L C-Truck (Calif.) 1983-84 3MB, 3VN, 4MB, 4.1L G-Van (Calif.) 4VN 4MJ 8659909 4.1 L C/G-Truck 1982-84 9MB, 9MC, 9TW, 9T6, 3MC, 3MJ, 4MC, 4MJ 4VA 8659908 2.0L S-Truck 1983-84 3T2, 3VA, 4VA 4Y7 8659902 2.8L F-Car 1984 4Y7 4YF 8659965 2.8L F-Car 1983-84 3YF,4YF 5MG 8659968 6.2L Diesel C-Truck 1984-85 4MG, 4VE, 4VX, 5MG, 5VE 5ML 8647929 2.8L S-Truck 1983-85 3ML, 4ML, 5ML 5MP 8659966 2.8L S-Truck (Calif.) 1983-85 3MP, 4MP, 5MP 5MS 8659967 2.8L T-Truck (Calif.) 1983-85 3MS, 4MS, 5MS 5T7 8647931 2.8L T-Truck 1983-85 3T7,4T7,5T7 5TM 8659923 6.2L Diesel K-Truck 1984-85 4TM, 5TM (California) 5VK 8659913 4.3L M-Van 1985 5VK 5VL 8659914 4.3L M-Van (Calif.) 1985 5VL 6FA 8649947 4.3L M-Van (Calif.) 1986 6FAM 6MC 8649905 2.5L M-Van 1985-86 5VC, 6MCM 6MD 8659918 5.0L/5.7L C/G-Truck 1982-86 9TE, 9ME,9TJ, 9M7, 9T5, 9MD, 3MD, 3MK, 3VH, 4MD, 4MK, 4VH 5MD, 5MK, 5VH, 6MDM,6MKM 6MH 8659922 6.2L Diesel C-Truck 1982-86 9MH, 9TN, 3MH, 3TL, 3VJ, 4MH, 4TL, 4VJ 5MH, 5TL, 5VJ, 6MHM, 6TNM 6MM 8659912 4.3L C-Truck (Calif.) 1985-86 5MM, 5VG, 4.1 L G-Van 6MAM, 6MMM 6MR 8659915 4.3L K-Truck 1985-86 5VZ, 6MRM 6MT 8649904 2.5L T-Truck 1985-86 5MT, 6MTM 6MX 8659911 4.3L C-Truck/G-Van 1985-86 5MX, 5VF, 6MFM, 6MXM 6MW 8659921 5.7L K-Truck (Calif.) 1983-86 3MW, 4MW, 5MW, 6MWM 6PL 8659900 2.5L F-Car 1983-86 3PQ, 4PQ, 5PQ, 6PLM 6PR 8649903 2.5L S-Truck 1985-86 5PR, 6PRM

6TA 8649907 2.8L T-Truck (Calif.) 1986 6TAM 6TB 8649906 2.8L S-Truck (Calif.) 1986 6TBM 6TC 8659917 5.0L C-Truck (Canada) 1984-86 4TG, 4MR, 5TG, 5MR, 6TCM, 6TFM 6TD 8649901 5.0L/5.7L K-Truck 1984-86 4TD, 5TD, 6TDM (Canada) 6TJ 8659919 5.0LJ5.7L C/G-Truck 1984-86 4ME, 4TE, 5ME, (California) 5TE, 6MPM, 6TJM 6TK 8649921 5.0L/5.7L K-Truck 1982-86 9M4, 9TH, 9M5, 9TK 3TH, 3TK, 4TH, 4TK 5TH, 5TK, 6TKM 6TR 8649929 6.2L Diesel K-Truck 1982-86 9M6, 9TP, 3TP,3TS 3T8, 3TZ, 4T8,4TZ 5T8, 5TZ, 6TRM 6TS 8659905 5.7L B-Car (Police - 1984-86 4TS, 5TS, 6TSM Canada) 6TW 8659916 4.3L K-Truck (Calif.) 1985-86 5TW, 6TWM 6YC 8659906 5.7L MPFI Y-Car 1983-86 3Y9, 4YA, 4Y9, 4YW 5YA, 5YC, 5YD, 6YAM, 6YCM, 6YDM 6YF 8649942 5.0L F-Car (Canada) 1984-86 4Y8, 5Y8, 6YFM 6YK 8649934 5.0L B-Wagon 1982-86 9Y3, 9YK, 3YK, 4YK 5YK, 6YKM 6YL 8649936 5.0L B-Car (Canada) 1984-86 4Y6, 5Y6, 6YLM 6YN 8659904 5.7L B-Car (Police) 1983-86 3YN, 4YN, 5YN, 6YNM 6YP 8649940 5.0L F-Car 1983-86 3YP, 4YP, 5YP, 6YPM 6YT 8649933 4.3L B-Car 1985-86 5YT, 6YTM 6YW 8659903 5.0L MPFI F-Car 1984-86 4YG, 5YZ, 6YSM, 6YMM, 6YZM 6YX 8659901 2.8L MPFI F-Car 1983-86 3YH, 4YH, 5YX, 6YXM 9MA 8663959 4.3L R/G-Truck 1987-89 7MM, 8MA, 9MA 9ML 8663965 5.0L C-Truck 1987-89 7ML, 8ML, 9ML 9PB 8663973 6.2L Diesel C-Truck 1987-89 7PB, 8PB, 9PB 9PC 8663974 6.21 Diesel C-Truck 1987-89 7PC, 8PC, 9PC 9TJ 8663979 5.0L R/G-Truck 1987-89 7MU, 8TJ, 9TJ 9TN 8773982 6.2L R/G-Truck 1988-89 8TN, 8MH, 9TN, 9MH 9TU 8663983 5.7L R/G-Truck 1987-89 7TU, 7MW, 8TU, 8MW, 9TU, 9MW 9YD 8663985 5.7L Y-Car 1987-89 7YD, 8YD, 9YD 9YX 8663992 2.8L F-Car 1987-89 7YX, 8YX, 9YX 0BA 8671964 4.3L B-Car 1987-90 7YT, 8YT, 9YT,0BA 0BP 8671971 5.7L B-Car (Police) 1989-90 9YN, 0BP 0CB 8671954 4.3L C-Truck 1987-90 7MF, 7MD, 8MF, 8MD, 9MF, 9MD, 0CB, 0CC 0CF 8671955 5.0L C-Truck 1987-90 7MD, 7MK, 8MD, 8MK, 9MD, 9MK, 0CC, 0CF 0CJ 8671957 5.7L C-Truck 1987-90 7MP, 7MZ, 8MP, 8MZ 9MP, 9MZ, 0CJ, 0CH 0DB 8671983 5.7L D-Limo 1990 0DB 0FT 8671980 3.1 L F-Car 1990 0FB 0FT 8671968 5.0L F-Car 1988-90 8YP, 9YP, 0FT 0FU 8671972 5.7L F-Car 1989-90 9FK, 9FX, 0FU 0FZ 8671965 5.0L F-Car 1987-90 7YZ, 8YZ, 9YZ, 0FZ OKA 8671958 4.3L K/V-Truck 1987-90 7MR, 8MR, 9MR, 0KA OKC 8671962 5.7L K/V-Truck 1987-90 7TX, 8TX,9TX,0KC 0KL 8671996 5.0L K/V-Truck 1987-90 7TK, 8TK,9TK,0KL 0KB 0KM 8673938 4.3L K/V-Truck 1987-90 7MR, 8MR, 9MR, 0KM 0KR 8671997 5.7L K-Truck 1990 0KR 0LA 8671989 6.2L Diesel R-Truck 1990 0LA 0LC 8671986 6.2L Diesel R/G-Truck 1990 0LC 0LD 8671985 6.2L Diesel C-Truck 1990 0LD, 0LB 0LF 8671988 6.2L Diesel K-Truck 1990 0LF 0MB 8671973 2.5L M-Van 1989-90 9MC, 0MB 0MJ 8671966 4.3L M-Van 1988-90 8FM, 9FM, 0MJ 0MN 8671981 4.3L L-Van 1990 0MN 0MS 8671982 4.3L HO M-Van 1990 0MS 0RA 8671978 5.7L R-Truck 1990 0RA 0SA 8671970 2.5L S-Truck 1989-90 9PR, 0SA 0SH 8671969 4.3L S-Truck 1989-90 9TH, 0SH 0TL 8671967 4.3L T-Truck 1988-90 8TL, 9TL, 0TL 0WA 8671974 4.3L G-Truck 1990 0WA 0WB 8671975 5.0L G-Truck 1990 0WB 0WC 8671976 5.7L R/G-Truck 1990 0WC 0YD 8671963 5.7L Y-Car 1990 0YD

Parts are currently available from GMSPO.

NOTE: Part numbers are accurate at the time of printing and subject to change.

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