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2005 - 2008 Corvette: GM TechLink Article: Drive Axle Boot Pliers

New drive axle boot pliers (fig. 6) CH-48894 have been released for these vehicles:

figure 6

2005 XLR

2005-08 Corvette, Equinox, Impala, Monte Carlo, Grand Prix, Torrent

2006-08 HHR, Hummer H3

2007 Acadia, Outlook, VUE, Rainier, Enclave

2008 VUE

This tool is required to properly service Oetiker low-profile drive axle boot clamps.
The double-fulcrum design of CH-48894 accommodates one-handed operation and
the working end is designed to properly interface the Oetiker low-profile clamps without damaging the clamps (fig. 7) . Attempts to service the low-profile drive axle clamps
without this tool may result in component damage and/or increased labor time.

figure 7

Applicable SI procedures are being revised to refer to this tool.

- Thanks to Kevin Willcock and Dave Libby

December 2007 -GM TechLink

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