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2005 - 2007 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Power Steering Shudder or Vibration at Idle

Date: October 18, 2006

Bulletin #:  #06-02-32-012B

Subject: Power Steering Shudder or Vibration at Idle (Replace Power Steering Inlet (Pressure) Hose)

Models: 2005-2007 Chevrolet Corvette with Automatic Transmission

Some customers may comment on a shudder/vibration while rotating the steering wheel at idle. This vibration can be very minor to where it is only felt in the steering wheel or major enough to notice a slight shake in the interior components. Rougher road surfaces can increase the intensity as it increases the drag against the wheels as they attempt to turn. Slightly raising the engine idle should eliminate the vibration.

At idle, turning the wheels causes the steering pressures to raise high enough to cause a load on the engine. The load is great enough to cause the idle to become rough and it can be felt in the vehicle.

Replace the power steering inlet (pressure) hose with the part number listed below.

For vehicles with either FE1 or FE2 suspension, a retaining clip, P/N 88967174, is also required. After installing the new hose, attach the clip to the hose just before the crimp, as shown. Secure the other end of the clip to the existing power steering return line.

15903239 (FE1/FE2 Suspension)Power Steering Inlet (Pressure) Hose

15903240 (FE3/FE4 Suspension) Power Steering Inlet (Pressure) Hose

88967174 Clip FE1/FE2 Suspension

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