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2001 Corvette Z06: Alignment Specifications

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Source: Hib Halverson, Technical Writer for Internet and Print Media:

Perhaps a little known service fact about the Z06 is that it has different alignment specifications than all other C5s.

Through an unfortunate error, the 01 Corvette Service Manual does not contain the proper alignment specifications for the Z06 and, up to now, GM has not provided the proper specs to dealers through the TSB process. That may happen later this year, but until then, the proper alignment specifications from sources in GM that deal with Corvette service issues are published below. The 02 Manual will contain these specs.

Front Individual Toe:   +0.04 degree +/- 0.10 degree

Front Sum Toe :  +0.08 degree +/- 0.20 degree

Front Individual Caster:   +6.9 degree +/- 0.50 degree

Front Cross Caster:   within +/- 0.25 degree

Front Individual Camber:   -0.70 degree +/-0.50

Front Cross Camber:   within +/-0.25 degree

Rear Individual Toe:   -0.01 degree +/- 0.10 degree

Rear Sum Toe:   -0.02 degree +/- 0.20 degree

Rear Individual Camber:   -0.68 degree +/- 0.50 degree

Rear Cross Camber:   within +/- 0.50 degree

2001 Corvette Z06: Alignment Specifications

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