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1998 - 2000 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Window Motor Noisy/Inoperative

Source: Chevrolet Dealer Service Bulletin
Number: 00-08-64-004
Subject: Window Motor Noisy/Inoperative (Replace Motor/Regulator)
Model Year: 1998-2000 Chevrolet Corvette

Some customers may comment on:

  • An inoperative window motor.
  • A growling type noise from inside the door as the glass is going up or down.
  • A rapid clicking type noise as the glass is moving.

Replace the window regulator/motor assembly.

Refer to the Doors sub-section of Body & Accessories in the Service Manual.


Inspect the glass-to-seal contact to assure the glass is reinstalled in the same position and does not create a windnoise or water leak. Then lower the glass to the full down position to aid trim pad removal.

  1. Remove the inside door handle bezel.
  2. Remove the pull handle plug and door trim panel screws.
  3. Remove the switch plate and disconnect the electrical connector.
  4. Remove the door trim panel.
  5. Remove the water deflector.
  6. Remove the hex head screws from the speaker assembly. Remove the speaker and disconnect the electrical connector. Remove the plugs from the window clamp sight holes. You can also access the window clamp fasteners by the lower speaker access hole.
  7. Reconnect the window switch and raise the window.
  8. Mark the location of the window to the window clamp, both fore/aft and up/down relationship. It is easier at the rear location due to assembly plant reference position mark painted on the glass. Also look for fastener marks on the clamp to determine the last adjustment position. Remove the clamp nuts and window.
  9. Disconnect the regulator motor electrical connector.
  10. Remove the front plugs from under the bottom of the door.
  11. Remove the anti-rattle cable tie down inside the inner panel.
  12. Mark the location of the regulator and remove the nuts from the regulator.
  13. Remove the regulator and the motor from the door.
  14. On the bench, adjust the new regulator lower studs to the same as the old regulator to assure the proper tip in adjustment.
  15. Install the new regulator and the motor.
  16. Install the anti-rattle cable tie down and the electrical connector.
  17. Install the nuts to the regulator and lower the channel studs.
  18. Reconnect the window switch and cycle the glass full up.
  19. Inspect the glass-to-seal contact and adjust if necessary.
  20. Install the front plugs under the bottom of the door.
  21. Look for fastener marks on the clamp to determine the last position and tighten the clamp nuts. Tighten

    Tighten the nuts to 16 N·m (12 ft lb).

  22. Install the plug to window clamp sight holes.
  23. Install the speaker connection and the speaker.
  24. Install the hex head screws.
  25. Install the water deflector.
  26. Install the door trim panel.
  27. Install the electrical connector to the switch plate and install the plate.
  28. Install the door trim panel screws and pull the handle plug.
  29. Install the inside door handle bezel.
  30. Inspect the glass-to-seal for proper contact.

Parts Information

Part Number



LH Regulator Assembly


RH Regulator Assembly

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