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1997 - 1999 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Loose or Missing Headlamp Door Bezel Plug

Subject: Loose or Missing Headlamp Door Bezel Plug (Install New Bezels and Plugs)
Source: Chevrolet Dealer Technical Service Bulletin
Number: 99-08-42-005
Models: 1997-99 Chevrolet Corvette

This bulletin is being revised to add the 1999 model year, update part numbers, service procedures, labor operations and labor times. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 83-82-07 (Section 8 - Chassis/Body Electrical)


Some customers may comment that the plastic plug that covers the headlamp aiming adjustment screw on the inboard side of the headlamp door bezel is loose or missing.


Two different size plugs have been used in production. Early production 1997 vehicles used a plug with a diameter of 24 mm (15/16 in), while later 1997 vehicles and all 1998 and 1999 vehicles use a larger 54 mm (2 1/8 in) diameter plug. Both size plugs have been replaced by a new design plug and, therefore, will no longer be available.

Using the following service procedure, replace both the left and right headlamp bezels with the new design bezels that have a large NOTCHED hole. The notched hole is required for installing a new design NOTCHED plug.

Service Parts Information

  1. Open the engine compartment hood.
  2. Turn the headlamp switch to the ON position (the headlamp doors will open and the lamps will illuminate).
  3. Turn the headlamp switch back to the PARK lamp setting (headlamp doors will remain open).
  4. Remove and discard both the left and the right headlamp bezels and plugs, following the information in the Body & Accessories section of the appropriate Service Manual.
  5. Install the new left and right headlamp bezels.
  6. Align the notches on the new plug with the notches in the opening in the new headlamp bezel.
  7. Using a quarter or a flat-bladed screwdriver, slowly rotate the plug in the direction shown by the arrow on the outside of the plug until a click can be heard or felt.
  8. Repeat steps 6 & 7 on the other headlamp bezel.
  9. Turn the headlamp switch to the OFF position (headlamp doors will close).
  10. Close the engine compartment hood.


Part Number


Pkg. Qty.

Qty. Required Per Vehicle




2 (1 Per Bezel)


Bezel, Headlamp - Left




Bezel, Headlamp - Right




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