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1965 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Air Ventilator Control Cables

Subject:     Air Ventilator Control Cables
Model and Year: 1965 Corvette
Source: Chevrolet Service Bulletin - #41, Wichita, Kansas Zone
Bulletin Number: 9
Date:   April 7, 1965

On early production Corvettes, difficulty may be experienced in closing the ventilator valves.  This could be due to the loosening of the steel tubing at the crimped area of the control cables.

New cable assemblies which incorporate larger crimping areas, entered production approximately 1-4-65.

If the problem is encountered, it can be resolved by replacing the original control cable with the new style cable available for service as listed below.

New Cable Old Cable Usage
3874729-30 3857603-4 Cowl Air Vent Control (Exc. A/Cond.)
3874732 3857606 Cowl Air Vent Control (With A/Cond.)
387431 3857605 Roof Vent Valve Control (Exc. A/Cond.)
387433 3857607 Roof Vent Valve Control (With A/Cond.)

Yours very truly,

R.G. Jordan
Zone Service Manager  

  • Source: Vette Vues - April 2009 - pg. 108
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