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1963 Corvette: Zone Letter: Corvette Fuel Injection Modifications

Source: Chevrolet Iowa Zone Letter
Date: April 23, 1963
Subject: 1963 Corvette Fuel Injection Modifications

Bob Wood Chev-Olds., Inc.
117-19 N. Lucas
Eagle Gove, Iowa


It has been determined that a number of 1963 Corvettes equipped with Fuel Injection will require certain modifications.

The following is the serial number involved in your dealership:


Please advise immediately if you still have this unit in your locality, but if the above unit has been removed, please advise owner’s name and address, so that we can contact them immediately.

Make available a student for an instructional course on making this fuel injection modification which will be held in Des Moines.

Please complete the attachment and mail to this office at your earliest convenience.

Very truly yours,
C.C. Rape, Jr.
Zone Service Manager


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