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1963 Corvette: Field Service Engineering: Intake Manifold Baffle Rivet Hole Leak

Subject:  Intake Manifold Baffle Rivet Hole Leak
Model and Year:  1963 Corvette 340 HP Engine
Source:  Chevrolet Technical Service Department - Field Service Engineering - 1963 Product Data Book
Bulletin Number:  Page 2 - Section VI
Date:  5-27-63

Excessive oil consumption and/or spark plug fouling on the 340 HP Corvette engine may be due to an intake manifold baffle rivet hole extending into the intake passage.

This condition, which can be experienced in both the #4 and #6 cylinder intake ports, allows engine oil to be pulled into the intake manifold.

This problem may be corrected by removing the subject rivet and coating the entire rivet shank with an epoxy resin or other similar substance which will completely seal any clearance between the rivet and manifold.

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