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1984 - 1996 Corvette Suspension Chart

1984 - 1996 Suspension Chart

Courtesy of Forum Member & Contributing Editor, Hib Halverson


  • CNV-Convertible
  • CPE-Coupe
  • S-Solid antiroll bar
  • T-Tubular antiroll bar
  • 1-Delco shock
  • 2-Delco shock, convertible specific
  • 3-Delco/Bilstein gas shock
  • 4-Delco/Bilstein gas shock, Z51 specfic
  • 5-Ride-adaptive Delco/Bilstein gas shock
  • 6-Delco/Bilstein gas shock, convertible specific
  • 7-Delphi bi-state ride adaptive gas shock
  • 8-Delphi bi-state ride adaptive gas shock, convertible specific
  • 9-Delco/Bilstein gas shock with valving revised for improved ride
  • 10-Delco/Bilstein gas shock with valving revised for improved ride, Z51 - specific
  • E-EMT tire available
  • GS-Grand Sport
  • HD-Heavy-duty, front, lower control arm bushings (ft 13.5k n/mm, rr 3.5k n/mm)
  • N-Normal, front, lower control arm bushings (ft. 11k n/mm, rr 2.3k n/mm)
  • R9G-Race Prepared Corvette Challenge Car
  • Z16-1996 Grand Sport Option