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2019 Mid-Engine Corvettes Stop for Lunch at Michigan McDonalds

A 2019 Mid-Engine Corvette prototype has been spotted recently at a McDonalds drive-thru in Cadillac,…

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Continental Structural Plastics Holding Corporation Wins Award for First Ever Use of TCA Ultra Lite Composites in Corvette

Continental Structural Plastics Holding Corporation of Auburn Hills, Michigan, a subsidiary of Teijin in Japan,…

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1955 Corvette Rescued by Retired GM Engineer After 38 Years in a Barn

Retired GM Engineer, Jim Wallace, started his automotive career in 1970 when he went to…

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[UPDATE] Michigan: 1978 Corvette Stolen During Woodward Dream Cruise – RECOVERED!

Corvette stolen during Woodward Dream Cruise recovered FOX News - Channel 2 Monday, August 22,…

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General Motors Opens New Powertrain Performance and Racing Center

PONTIAC, Mich. – General Motors today opened the doors to the all-new GM Powertrain Performance…

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Birmingham, MI: Police search for convertible 1966 Corvette stolen from Dream Cruise

Birmingham Police are asking for help finding a red 1966 Chevrolet Corvette that was stolen…

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Press Release: Mark Reuss to Pace Detroit Grand Prix in Corvette Z06

GM executive, motorsports fan will lead the pack at the Chevrolet Dual GM Press Release…

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GM Press: Performance Testing Reveals Best of Vehicles

A look at the unique tracks of the 90-year-old Milford Proving Ground