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Profile: 2009 Corvette ZR1, Serial #518:

History of: 2009 Corvette ZR1, Serial #518:

Below, are the production details and historical owner information for 2009 Corvette ZR1, Serial #518:

As of:   March 26, 2014:

Current Owner:  lamborghini Dallas Corvette Action Center Forum Member:  NA
Current Location:  Richardson, TX, USA Current Odometer:  23,279 miles
Current Status:  For Sale Previous Owners:  2
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Notes / Comments:

  • 03-26-2014:  Listed for sale on EBAY by Lamborghini Dallas of Richardson, TX with 23,279 miles on the odometer, two previous owners listed, and a Buy it Now price of $75,999.
  • 03-16-2014:  Listed for sale on EBAY by the second owner in Spring, TX with 22,000 miles on the odometer, and one previous owner listed. From the listing:  "This car is very fast and is ready to take on anything out there. Currently this car is pushing 800+ WHP but could be tune to push a lot more. Has not scratches or dings the car is in great condition. This car has never been on the track, I modded this car strictly for bragging rights.....LMR Reaper Package $22,000-- ZR1 Competition Dual Super Chiller $2,500-- E85/E93 Flex Fuel Conversion $2,200-- Other stuff $7,000 (ceramic coated headers, short shifter, carbon fiber parts, etc). Total cost of modifications= $33,700"
  • 09-25-2012:  Listed for sale on EBAY by Late Model Racecraft of Houston, TX with 10,500 miles on the odometer, one previous owner listed, and a Buy it Now price of $140,000. Modifications are listed above.
  • 08-22-2012:  Listed for sale by Posche North Houston, of Houston, TX with 10,422 miles on the odometer and one previous owner listed.
  • 01-05-2009:  Privately Owned by Vanessa Hester of Kingwood, TX with 8 miles on the odometer.


09-25-2012:  As per EBAY ad:

Late Model Racecraft's "Twisted Punisher" 1000 HP 2009 ZR1 *Built To Order

*LS9 416 cid. balanced, blueprinted & assembled shortblock: GM LS3 aluminum block(new), Callies 4340 4.0" crankshaft, Callies 6.125" H beam rods w/ ARP 2000 7/16" bolts, Wiseco 4.07" forged Blower pistons (.300" material above top ring), Total Seal stainless chrome rings (for high heat applications), Clevite MS 2199 H mains, Clevite CB 663 H rods, Dura Bond CH-23 cam bearings, ARP main stud*

  • C6ZR1 1 7/8 American Racing Stainless Steel Headers
  • C6Z American Racing X-pipe with high flow cats
  • 02 Extensions
  • NGK Spark Plugs(Iridium)
  • MSD 8.5m spark plug wires
  • Custom Heat Exchanger
  • Heat Exchanger water pump with connector
  • C6 ZR1 High Flow Supercharger Air Intake Snout
  • C6 ZR1 LS9 2.60 11 Rib 10 Bolt Pulley
  • ZR1 Corvette High Flow Air Intake Kit
  • 100 mm Diameter Idler Pulley Kit
  • 160 degree thermostat
  • LS3 Comp Cam Kit, Comp custom grind cam shaft, comp Double valve spring kit good for .675 lift, Titanium Retainers(custom for ZR1), Spring Seats, Valve seals, and comp chromoly pushrods Water pump gaskets, Oil pump inlet tube, front cover, crankshaft front seal
  • LS9 Crank Bolt
  • Mild to Wild Exhaust Switch
  • Lowering Bolt Kit
  • Forced Induction Dyno Tune
  • Stage 3 CNC LS9 Cylinder heads
  • ARP Head Stud Kit
  • Labor to port Supercharger

Production Details:

The window sticker below is a facsimile of what the real window sticker might look like. We are not responsible for the accuracy of the numbers and details below.

Vehicle Identification Number:  Hidden Build Date *:  11/2008
Order Number:  LT5 Engine Builder:  NA
Delivering Dealer / Invoicing Agent:  Munday Chevrolet, Houston, TX

*  The official build date is considered to be the date the vehicle was invoiced by the manufacturer.

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