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Profile: 2009 Corvette ZR1, Serial #742:

History of: 2009 Corvette ZR1, Serial #742:

Below, are the production details and historical owner information for 2009 Corvette ZR1, Serial #742:

As of:   January 31, 2011:

Current Owner:  Matthew Corvette Action Center Forum Member:  NA
Current Location:  Jupiter, FL, USA Current Odometer:  974 miles
Current Status:  For Sale Previous Owners:  1
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Notes / Comments:

  • 01-31-2011:  Listed for sale by owner in Jupiter, FL on EBAY with 999 miles on the odometer, one owner listed, and a Buy it Now price of $125,000. From the listing:  "Garage Kept FSBO (For Sale By Owner). The engine has over 630 HP and had a sticker price of approx. $180k w/tax. All paperwork is in place. Custom made car."
  • 03-22-2010:  Privately owned by "Matthew" of Pompano Beach, FL, however the car is listed for sale with 972 miles on the odometer. From the ad:  "This car includes pictures of it on the assembly line in Bowling Green, Kentucky along with the original purchase order from Schumacher Automotive. All paperwork including "sold" sign, salesman's card, sales contract, paper plate, sales brochure, picture of car in showroom, window sticker, reserve notice, environmental performance sticker, OnStar sticker, picture of car's first drive in West Palm Beach, Fl, picture of its first fuel fill up, picture of car with salesman, and picture of car's first owner with the car. Car also includes the protective plastic from dealership, the brake protectors from the corvette factory, and the GPS CD- still in plastic. This is a one owner car, and has been covered in a climate controlled garage since its birth other than the rare occasions of it being driven. Everything on the car is original and mint! You cannot tell this car apart from one leaving the showroom floor and cannot buy one brand new with this type of documentation. Not only are this car s performance figures amazing, but it has the same brakes as a Ferrari Enzo, only bigger- which is necessary to stop its 638 horsepower. This can has also been covered with 3M plastic to preserve its original paint, which can be removed by next owner, if desired. $168,000.00 Window Sticker!!! "
  • 2009 Corvette ZR1 #742

  • 05-30-2009:  Originally listed for sale by Schumacher Palm Chevrolet of Lake Park, FL.


  • 03-22-2010:  3M Plastic Protective Covering.

Production Details:

The window sticker below is a facsimile of what the real window sticker might look like. We are not responsible for the accuracy of the numbers and details below.

Vehicle Identification Number:  Hidden Build Date *:  NA
Order Number:  LT5 Engine Builder:  NA
Delivering Dealer / Invoicing Agent:  Schumacher Palm Chevrolet, Lake Park, FL

*  The official build date is considered to be the date the vehicle was invoiced by the manufacturer.

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