2013 Corvette Performance Numbers

A summary of 2013 Corvette performance numbers for the 427 convertible, and ZR1 models.

Magazine: Road and Track Car and Driver Motor Trend Road and Track Car and Driver
Model: 427 Convertible 427 Convertible 427 Convertible ZR1 w/ High Perf. Pkg. ZR1 w/ High Perf. Pkg.
Pub. Date: October 2012 October 2012 December 2012 October 2012 February 2013
0-10 mph (sec) NA NA NA 0.4 NA
0-20 mph (sec) NA NA NA 1.1 NA
0-30 mph (sec) NA NA NA 1.7 1.7
0-40 mph (sec) NA NA NA 2.3 NA
0-50 mph (sec) NA NA NA 2.8 NA
0-60 mph (sec) 4.0 3.9 3.8 3.4 3.4
0-70 mph (sec) NA NA NA 4.3 NA
0-80 mph (sec) NA NA NA 5.1 NA
0-90 mph (sec) NA NA NA 6.0 NA
0-100 mph (sec) 8.3 8.7 NA 7.3 7.7
0-110 mph (sec) NA NA NA 8.4 NA
0-120 mph (sec) NA NA NA 9.7 NA
0-130 mph (sec) NA NA NA NA NA
0-140 mph (sec) NA NA NA NA NA
0-150 mph (sec) NA 20.4 NA NA 16.8
1/4 Mile (sec/mph) 11.9 @ 120.9 12.2 @ 121 11.9 @ 121.5 11.4 @ 129.7 11.6 @ 128
Street Start, 5-60 mph (sec) NA 4.6 NA NA 3.9
Top Speed (mph) NA 182 NA NA 205 (drag ltd, mfr's claim)
0-100-0 mph, sec NA NA NA NA NA
Braking 60-0:  108 ft.
80-0:  196 ft.
70-0:  144 ft. 60-0:  101 ft. 60-0:  105 ft.
80-0:  183 ft.
70-0:  143 ft.
Lateral Accel. (g) 1.02 1.03 (300-ft skidpad) 1.06 1.08 (200-ft skidpad) 1.06 (200-ft skidpad)
Test Weight (lbs.) NA NA NA 3,560 NA
Test Conditions: NA NA NA Temperature: 72° F   Humidity: 46%   Elevation: 300 ft   Wind: Light   Location: Irvine, CA. NA
Test Notes
Car and Driver, February 2013: "Ever as its date with destiny draws near, the ZR1 remains impressive managing an enviable balance of everyday drivability with truly absurd performance capabilities."
Motor Trend, December 2012: "The people agree. maybe it was the Z06 body and wheels, or the alluring silver-blue over white paint. Whatever it was, the 427 got looks even in Southern California, where people see plenty of flashy cars and even more Corvettes. Something about the Corvette resonates in the American psyche; that aspirational but still attainable vibe it exudes draws people in—even people who don't like Chevys."
Road and Track, October 2012: "There's simply no downside to the Z06 engine, which mates exclusively to a 6-speed manul. It's amazingly tractable, yet it comes on like a scalded lion when fed a premium diet. And when the top is down on one of those nights tailor-made for making the stars blur, the LS7's burbly decel backfires will served as a reminder that you are driving one very special Corvette..."
Road and Track, October 2012: "Yet the ZR1 is the furthest thing from a high-strung race car, as its reasonably supple ride and long-legged gearing allow it to drvour Interstate miles with a relaxed composure. the snoozing 6.2-liter beast can be reawakened at any time with a downshift and a prod of your throttle foot. And if it's not obvious already, the versatile ZR1 is the rsounding bang-for-the-buck winner in our price-dependent rankings, as you could nearly buy two for the price of a single (Ferrari) 458 Italia or (McLaren) MP4-12C."