Press Release: 2011 Corvette Lineup - More Capable and Diverse Than Ever


Source:  GM Media

DETROIT - Chevrolet Corvette, America's sports car, enters its 58th year with a broad lineup and more personalization choices than ever. The lineup includes Corvette coupe and convertible; Corvette Grand Sport coupe and convertible; Corvette Z06 and Corvette ZR1.

Corvette and Grand Sport models are powered by the 430-horsepower (321 kW) LS3 V-8, while the racing-inspired Corvette Z06 is equipped with the 505-horsepower (377 kW) LS7 engine and built on a lightweight chassis. The Corvette ZR1 is powered by a unique, supercharged LS9 6.2L engine, and is the fastest, most powerful car ever offered by Chevrolet.

The Corvette Grand Sport was a knockout hit in its debut last year, accounting for approximately half of all coupe sales and 70 percent of convertibles. Customers were drawn to its blend of the Corvette's capable chassis and powertrain, with enhanced handling attributes. It also featured wider fenders, specific front fenders, unique wheels and other exclusive cues.

Corvette Grand Sport returns for 2011 with Magnetic Ride Control as an option - with new Goodyear F1 Supercar Gen 2 tires included when the vehicle is equipped with a manual transmission and Magnetic Ride Control.

New features offered on all 2011 Corvette models include:

  • Two new exterior colors: Inferno Orange and Supersonic Blue, bringing the total to 10 exterior color choices for all models
  • Available contrasting-color headlamp housings, in Cyber Gray, Black or Blade Silver
  • New interior custom color stitching options: blue, red or yellow
  • USB port and input jack included with the navigation radio
  • Larger cross-drilled brake rotors available on Corvette coupe and convertible (even larger cross-drilled rotors, with six-piston front and four-piston rear calipers, are standard on Grand Sport).

Corvette performance

The 6.2L LS3 small-block V-8 is the engine in Corvette and Grand Sport models. It is rated at 430 horsepower (321 kW)* and 424 lb.-ft. of torque (575 Nm)* with the standard exhaust system. An optional dual-mode exhaust system brings a power rating increase to 436 horses (325 kW) and 428 lb.-ft. (580 Nm). A standard six-speed manual transmission and an optional six-speed automatic paddle-shift automatic are offered.

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Launch control is standard on manual transmission-equipped models, and optimizes performance for full-throttle starts on a track. In competitive mode, the system will hold a predetermined engine speed while the driver pushes the throttle to the floor. That allows the driver to quickly release the clutch and the system modulates engine torque 100 times per second to maximize the available traction. The system is capable of approaching a skilled driver's best effort and repeats it consistently.

Corvette and Grand Sport models have a hydroformed steel rail backbone structure, which features cored composite floors, an enclosed center tunnel, rear-mounted transmission and aluminum cockpit structure. Suspension cradles, control arms, knuckles, springs, dampers, bushings, stabilizer bars and steering gear deliver low mass, direct response and great driver feedback.

Coupe and convertible models offer two suspension choices that allow drivers to choose the setup that best suits their driving style. The standard suspension is tuned for a balance of ride comfort and precise handling. The optional Magnetic Selective Ride Control suspension features magneto-rheological dampers able to detect road surfaces, and adjust the damping rates to those surfaces almost instantly for optimal ride control. It includes larger, cross-drilled brake rotors.

Corvette interior and features

Corvette's interior is inspired by the car's dual-cockpit heritage. High-quality materials, craftsmanship and functionality help deliver premium quality meant to enhance performance driving. The instrument panel and doors are covered with cast-skin foam-in-place trim with the look of a leather panel. It is warm and inviting and has double the life of conventional trim materials.

An AM/FM/XM radio with CD player and audio input jack is standard. An optional Bose audio system or an in-dash six-disc changer is available. Steering-wheel mounted audio controls are on all models. XM Satellite Radio with a one-year subscription is included with the Bose audio system.

A full-function OnStar system with Turn-by-Turn Navigation capability is standard, and an onboard navigation system with voice recognition is available. It is a DVD-based system that uses a 6.5-inch (165 mm) color touch-screen display.

Corvette also features keyless access. When the owner touches the door's touch pad, the key fob's signal unlocks the door. The system's emergency key and other remote-function controls are integrated in a single unit.

A custom leather-wrapped interior package is offered on all models. It offers a stylish, two-tone leather-appointed cabin with details that enhance the feeling of Corvette's craftsmanship. Details include:

  • Leather-wrapped upper and lower instrument panel, door pads and seats
  • Choice of exclusive colors: Dark Titanium, Ebony, Cashmere or Sienna, with unique color breakup
  • Padded door panel armrests
  • "Corvette" embroidered on passenger-side dash pad
  • Embroidered crossed flags logo on headrests
  • Unique center trim plate with a gunmetal pattern.

Grand Sport details

The Grand Sport combines the Corvette's LS3-based powertrain with wide-body styling, a wider track and a racing-bred suspension for a distinctive model that delivers a greater degree of handling performance, with wider wheels and tires; revised shock, stabilizer bar and spring specifications; and specific gearing.

Zero-60 performance of four seconds, skid pad adhesion of 1 g and an EPA-estimated 26 mpg on the highway make for a rare combination of performance, handling and efficiency.

Grand Sport coupe models equipped with the manual transmission are uniquely outfitted for track events, too, with a dry-sump oiling system, differential cooler and a rear-mounted battery. Magnetic Ride Control is available and with manual transmission models, includes Goodyear F1 Supercar Gen 2 tires.

The complete list of content and special features for the Grand Sport includes:

  • Wider front and rear fenders - including specific front fenders with integrated Grand Sport badges
  • Z06-style front splitter and tall rear spoiler
  • Functional brake ducts and extra cooling
  • Eighteen-inch front and 19-inch rear wheels; painted finish standard and chrome finish optional
  • Large 275/35ZR18 tires in front and 325/30ZR19 tires in the rear
  • Z06-size brakes, including 14-inch (355 mm) front rotors with six-piston calipers and 13.4-inch (340 mm) rear rotors with four-piston calipers
  • Specific manual transmission gear ratios
  • Specific rear axle ratio on automatic-equipped models.

With its special equipment, the Grand Sport offers a unique blend of performance and amenities. Its suspension package approaches that of the Z06, but includes a removable roof on coupes (Z06 has a fixed roof) and, of course, the availability of a convertible body style. Also, the paddle-shift six-speed automatic transmission is offered, while a manual transmission is the only choice with the Z06.

All of Corvette's exterior colors are offered on the Grand Sport, and an available Heritage package adds iconic front fender hash marks offered in four colors, as well as two-tone seats with Grand Sport embroidery. The Grand Sport can be ordered with 1LT, 2LT, 3LT and 4LT trim packages, too.

Z06 details

With its racing-inspired powertrain and suspension features, along with an aluminum frame and carbon fiber fenders and floor panels, the Corvette Z06 delivers exceptional levels of capability and technology. And with a curb weight of only 3,175 pounds (1440 kg), it's the lightest, best-balanced Corvette model and one of the most svelte super cars on the market.

Indeed, racing is in the Corvette Z06's DNA and many owners' cars see double duty as daily drivers and weekend road course warriors. It's what the car was designed for and, compared to other sports cars that cost up to double - or more - the Z06 offers competitive levels of performance at a lower price.

Chevrolet brings significant updates to the Z06 for 2011, with special packages and new options that enhance performance and styling, while also offering greater personalization choices. They include:

  • New standard Goodyear F1 Supercar Gen 2 tires and exhaust system tuning
  • New Z07 Performance Package
  • New CFZ Carbon Fiber Package
  • Z06 Carbon Limited Edition model
  • Two new exterior colors: Inferno Orange and Supersonic Blue, bringing the total to 10 exterior color choices for all models
  • Available contrasting-color headlamps, in Cyber Gray, Black or Blade Silver
  • New interior custom color stitching option, in red, blue or yellow
  • USB port and input jack included with the navigation radio.

The Z07 Performance Package brings greater handling and braking capability to the Z06, with:

  • Brembo ceramic brakes, with gray metallic calipers, similar to those offered on the Corvette ZR1
  • Magnetic Ride Control
  • Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tires
  • Twenty-spoke wheels in competition gray (19 x 10-inch front, 20 x 12-inch rear).

The CFZ Carbon Fiber Package gives the Z06 lightweight aero enhancements similar to those found on the ZR1. Included in the optional package is a black-painted carbon fiber front splitter, rockers, roof panel and a body-color full-width rear spoiler.

The Z06 Carbon limited-edition model blends the performance features of the Z07 package and the styling cues of the Carbon Fiber package. In addition to the features included with both new packages, this sinister-looking Z06 also includes:

  • A raised carbon fiber hood
  • Black wheels, outside mirrors and headlamp housings
  • A special engine cover
  • A leather and suede interior with body-color stitching
  • Special graphics commemorating 50 years of Le Mans racing (installation left to the customer's discretion)
  • Special vehicle identification number sequence.

The Z06 Carbon is designed to be the best Corvette for track events, with the chassis and aerodynamic features of the ZR1 complemented by the lower curb weight and balance of the naturally aspirated Z06. Chevrolet will build no more than 500 examples of the Z06 Carbon; it is available in Supersonic Blue or Inferno Orange.

ZR1 details

With its performance and cultural credentials intact, the Corvette ZR1 enters its third year of production with minor changes aimed at broadening the personalization options for customers. That includes a pair of new exterior colors - Inferno Orange and Supersonic Blue - which brings the exterior color roster to 10; available contrasting-color headlamps, offered in Cyber Gray, Black and Blade Silver; and a new interior custom color stitching option.

It's beneath the skin, of course, where the ZR1 earns its street cred. Highlights include:

  • LS9 supercharged 6.2L V-8 rated at 638 horsepower (476 kW), and 604 lb.-ft. of torque (819 Nm)
  • Six-speed, close-ratio, race-proven manual transmission
  • High-capacity dual-disc clutch
  • Higher-capacity and specific-diameter axle half-shafts; enhanced torque tube
  • Specific suspension tuning provides more than 1g cornering grip
  • Twenty-spoke, 19-inch front and 20-inch rear wheels
  • Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tires - P285/30ZR19 in front and P335/25ZR20 in the rear - developed specifically for the ZR1
  • Standard Brembo carbon-ceramic, drilled disc brake rotors - 15.5-inch-diameter (394-mm) in the front and 15-inch-diameter (380-mm) in the rear
  • Blue-painted brake calipers
  • Standard Magnetic Selective Ride Control with track-level suspension
  • Launch Control system with Performance Traction Management technology
  • Wider, carbon-fiber front fenders with ZR1-specific dual ports
  • Carbon-fiber hood with a raised, polycarbonate window - offering a view of the intercooler below it
  • Carbon-fiber roof panel, roof bow, front fascia splitter and rocker moldings with clear-coated, visible carbon-fiber weave
  • ZR1-specific full-width rear spoiler with raised outboard sections
  • Specific gauge cluster with boost gauge (also displayed on the head-up display) and 220-mph (370 km/h) speedometer readout
  • Curb weight of 3,333 pounds (1,512 kg).

The specialized components of the new ZR1 work harmoniously to deliver the most powerful and fastest automobile ever produced by General Motors. It has a top speed of 205 mph (330 km/h).

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