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Below is a summary listing of performance numbers for the 2008 Corvette Z06 from various automotive publications.

Magazine GM Spec. Road and Track
Pub. Date   May 2008
Model   Coupe
Transmission   6-speed manual
0-10 mph (sec) NA 0.3
0-20 mph (sec) NA 0.9
0-30 mph (sec) NA 1.6
0-40 mph (sec) NA 2.2
0-50 mph (sec) NA 2.7
0-60 mph (sec) NA 3.4
0-70 mph (sec) NA 4.5
0-80 mph (sec) NA 5.3
0-90 mph (sec) NA 6.4
0-100 mph (sec) NA 8.0
0-110 mph (sec) NA 9.2
0-120 mph (sec) NA 10.7
0-130 mph (sec) NA NA
0-140 mph (sec) NA NA
0-150 mph (sec) NA NA
1/4 Mile (sec/mph) NA 11.7 / 123.7
Street Start, 5-60 mph (sec) NA NA
Top Speed (mph) NA NA
0-100-0 mph, sec NA NA
Braking (ft.) NA 111 (60 - 0 mph)
189 (80 - 0 mph)
Lateral Accel. NA 0.99 g (200-ft. skidpad)
Test Notes
Road and Track, May 2008, Vol 59, Number 9, Pg. 56: "The Z06 has all that power being put to the ground through only two wheels. So you're very busy in this car. It has so much power; it's always trying to break free. With all that torque, it's often better to take a section of the track in a higher gear. You really have to be careful with the throttle."