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The 2006 Corvette Tech Center includes production information, specifications, performance reviews, tech info, forums and more for the 2005 Corvette model year including Z06.

Latest C6 Forum Topics:

C6, Naked and Exposed: Corvette Action Center's First Look at the 2005 Corvette: An introductory look at the 2005 C6 Corvette by Hib Halverson.
C6 Naked and Exposed - The Sequel: Finally...We Drive It!!!: Hib Halverson gets to test drive a 2005 C6 Corvette and interview some of the people responsible for its design and engineering.
Gallery: An online gallery of high quality 2005 Corvette pictures.
History:  The One and Only 2005 Torch Red Corvette: Learn why Torch Red was never offered on the C6 Corvette.
Interview:  Dave Hill: Dave Hill speaks with Chevy Launch (CL) on the C6
Interview:  Tom Peters: Hib Halverson interviews C6 Corvette Designer, Tom Peters and asks him a few questions posted by Corvette Action Center Forum Members.
Knowledgebase: C6 Knowledgebase covers related service bulletins and technical information on the 2005 - 2013 Corvettes.
Options: Preliminary options for the 2005 Corvette by GM.
Owner Manual: This is a 396 page PDF document of the official 2005 Corvette owner manual. Adobe PDF Document
Paint Codes: Paint codes for the 2005 - 2008 C6 Corvette.
Performance Numbers: Performance numbers for the 2005 Corvette tested by various automotive publications.
Press Release: 2005 Corvette Convertible: Sixth-Generation Roadster Adds Performance and Refinement
Press Release: 2005 Corvette: Serious Performance With Surprising Efficiency
Press Release: Corvette C6 Coupe: the sixth generation of an American legend
Press Release - Overview: The Sixth Generation Chevrolet Corvette: More Power, Passion and Precision
Press Release - Chassis: Under the Skin: Beneath Corvette C6's Shapely Curves Lies State-Of-The-Art Performance Technology
Press Release - Design: 2005 Corvette Design: Leaner and More Passionate
Press Release - Engine: 2005 Corvette Engine: Most Standard Power Ever
Press Release - Interior: Interior Motives: A Look Inside the C6 Corvette Cockpit
Press Release - Specifications: Specifications for the 2005 Corvette.
Press Release: Corvette C6-R Race Car Launches For 2005
Production Numbers: Production numbers for the 2005 Corvette from the Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant.
Regular Production Option Codes: A complete listing of regular production option codes for the 2005 Corvette.
Videos - C6 Corvettes: Corvette Videos C6 Corvette videos provided by our sister site - VetteTube.com.

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