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The 2006 Corvette Tech Center includes production information, specifications, performance reviews, tech info, forums and more for the 2005 Corvette model year including Z06.

C6 Corvette Forum
C6, Naked and Exposed: Corvette Action Center's First Look at the 2005 Corvette: An introductory look at the 2005 C6 Corvette by Hib Halverson.
C6 Naked and Exposed - The Sequel: Finally...We Drive It!!!: Hib Halverson gets to test drive a 2005 C6 Corvette and interview some of the people responsible for its design and engineering.
Gallery: An online gallery of high quality 2005 Corvette pictures.
History:  The One and Only 2005 Torch Red Corvette: Learn why Torch Red was never offered on the C6 Corvette.
Interview:  Dave Hill: Dave Hill speaks with Chevy Launch (CL) on the C6
Interview:  Tom Peters: Hib Halverson interviews C6 Corvette Designer, Tom Peters and asks him a few questions posted by Corvette Action Center Forum Members.
Knowledgebase: C6 Knowledgebase covers related service bulletins and technical information on the 2005 - 2013 Corvettes.
Options: Preliminary options for the 2005 Corvette by GM.
Owner Manual: This is a 396 page PDF document of the official 2005 Corvette owner manual. Adobe PDF Document
Paint Codes: Paint codes for the 2005 - 2008 C6 Corvette.
Performance Numbers: Performance numbers for the 2005 Corvette tested by various automotive publications.
Press Release: 2005 Corvette Convertible: Sixth-Generation Roadster Adds Performance and Refinement
Press Release: 2005 Corvette: Serious Performance With Surprising Efficiency
Press Release: Corvette C6 Coupe: the sixth generation of an American legend
Press Release - Overview: The Sixth Generation Chevrolet Corvette: More Power, Passion and Precision
Press Release - Chassis: Under the Skin: Beneath Corvette C6's Shapely Curves Lies State-Of-The-Art Performance Technology
Press Release - Design: 2005 Corvette Design: Leaner and More Passionate
Press Release - Engine: 2005 Corvette Engine: Most Standard Power Ever
Press Release - Interior: Interior Motives: A Look Inside the C6 Corvette Cockpit
Press Release - Specifications: Specifications for the 2005 Corvette.
Press Release: Corvette C6-R Race Car Launches For 2005
Production Numbers: Production numbers for the 2005 Corvette from the Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant.
Regular Production Option Codes: A complete listing of regular production option codes for the 2005 Corvette.
Videos - C6 Corvettes: Corvette Videos C6 Corvette videos provided by our sister site - VetteTube.com.

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