• On December 5, 2000, the Z06 Corvette received the 2001 Car of the Year Award for the Best New Sports and Performance Car category by the Automobile Journalists Assocation of Canada.  Competition included the Audi TT Roadster and the Mercedes Benz SLK 320.
  • Automobile Magazine awards the 2001 Corvette Z06 with their Automobile of The Year Award.  Full article can be found in the February, 2001 issue of their magazine.

2001 Corvette Z06

VIN Tag Information
1G1YY12S515100000 - 1G1YY12S515105773
Digit Definition
1st Country of Origin:  1 = USA
2nd Manufacturer:  G = General Motors
3rd Make:  1 = Chevrolet
4th/5th Carline/Series:  YY = Corvette
6th Body Style:  1 = hardtop
7th Restraint Code:  2 = Active, manual w/ driver and passenger inflatable restraints.
8th Engine Type:  S = LS6
9th Check Digit
10th Model Year:  1 = 2001
11th Plant:  5 = Bowling Green, Kentucky
Last 6 digits Production Number starting with 100000 - 105773.

Wheelbase (in.) 104.5
Track Frt/Rear (in) 62.0 / 62.1
Length (in.) 179.7
Width (in.) 73.6
Height (in.) 47.7
Frontal Area (sq.ft.) 21.3
Ground Clearance (in.)(minimum) 3.7
Curb Weight (lbs) 3,130
Weight-to-power ratio (lbs:hp) 8.13:1
Coefficient of Drag 0.31
Weight Dist. F/R (%) 53/47
Coolant Capacity (qt.) 11.8
Fuel Capacity (gal.) 18.5
Oil Capacity (qt.) (w/ filter) 6.5

Engine Specifications
Type Overhead valve, pushrod V8, cast aluminum block and heads, 2 valves/cylinder
Manufacturer St. Catherines, Ontario
Bore 3.90 in.
Stroke 3.62 in.
Displacement 5.7 Liters
Compression Ratio 10.5:1
Horsepower 385 bhp @ 6,000 rpm
Torque 385 lb-ft @ 4,800 rpm
Redline (RPM) 6,500
Fuel Shutoff 6,600
Induction System Sequential Fuel Injection
Valvetrain Hydraulic roller lifters

Type 4-wheel disc, Bosch Anti-Lock Brakes
Front Rotors (diam x thickness)(in.) 12.6 x 1.26
Rear Rotors (diam x thickness)(mm) 11.8 x 1.00
  Front Rear
Type FRONT:  Short/long arm double wishbone (SLA), coil springs, gas shocks, anti-roll bar.
REAR:  Transverse composite leaf spring, gas shocks, anti-roll bar.
Stabilizer Bar Diameter 1.18 in. 0.85 in.
Stabilizer Bar Wall Thickness 0.18 in. 0.12 in.
Shock Absorber Diameter 1.77 in. 1.42 in.
Tires and Wheels
Tire Type Goodyear Eagle F1 SC
Front Tires P265/40ZR-17
Rear Tires P295/35ZR-18
Wheel Type Forged Aluminum
Front Wheel Size 17 x 9.5
Rear Wheel Size 18 x 10.5

M12 6-Speed Transmission
Gear Ratios
1st 2.97
2nd 2.07
3rd 1.43
4th 1.00
5th 0.84
6th 0.56
Reverse 3.28
Axle Ratio 3.42
Final Drive Ratio 1.92
City (mpg) 17
Highway (mpg) 25

Model Year Highlights:

 • New interior color:  The Z06 gets it's own special 6-speed manual transmission which features more aggressive gearing for faster acceleration and more usable torque at varying speeds.  A built-in temperature sensor will alert the driver if transmission oil temperatures increase beyond the recommended level.

 • The Z06 comes with tires that were made by Goodyear specifically for the Z06.  These tires are an inch wider in front and back and they are also 23 lbs lighter than the tires that come on the couple and convertible.

 • The windshield and rear back glass have been made thinner and the exhaust system is made of titanium.  All of this helps contribute to a loss of 38 lbs off its total curb weight.

Automotive Media Comments:

New interior color:  "I did things in the Corvette [Z06] I wouldn't consider in the Cobra R, things that would result in an offtrack excursion--and maybe a big crash--in the [Dodge] RT/10." --M.D., Motor Trend Magazine, 8/2000.

"The sure throws of the shifter and the instant response of the engine give this Corvette the sense of immediacy and purpose of a pure sporting machine.  The Empire has struck back in big numbers.  And that's a good thing." --Road and Track, 8/2000