Below is the VIN tag and specific information for identifying a 2002 model year Corvette. For more pictures of the 2002 model year, please see our 2002 Corvette Gallery.

VIN Tag Information
1G1YY12G525100000 - 1G1YY12S115135601
Digit Definition
1st Country of Origin:  1 = USA
2nd Manufacturer:  G = General Motors
3rd Make:  1 = Chevrolet
4th/5th Carline/Series:  YY = Corvette
6th Body Style:  1 = hardtop 2 = two door coupe 3 = two door convertible
7th Restraint Code:  2 = Active, manual w/ driver and passenger inflatable restraints.
8th Engine Type:  G = LS1, S = LS6
9th Check Digit
10th Model Year:  2 = 2002
11th Plant:  5 = Bowling Green, Kentucky
Last 6 digits Production Number starting with 100000 - 1?????.

C5 Corvette EmblemExterior Emblems:
  • Model Years:  1997-2002
  • Locations Used:
    • Coupe:  Front bumper and rear cargo hatch
    • Convertible:  Front bumper, "waterfall" in the interior and on the trunk door
    • Z06:  Front bumper, and rear trunk door
C5 Corvette Manufacturer emblemsManufacturer Decals:
  • Description:  These vehicle manufacturer decals list:
    • Vehicle Identification Number
    • Model Code
    • Front and rear tire sizes and related inflation pressures
    • vehicle weight
  • Location:  Inside driver's side door.
C5 Corvette RPO LabelService Parts Identificaton Label:
  • Description:  This label lists the VIN number, model code (code designation for coupe, convertible, Z06 model) and Regular Production Option (RPO) codes used on the car.
  • Location:  Inside the glove box.
C5 Corvette VIN TagVIN Tag:  Lower edge of driver's side windshield. (Note - this VIN tag does not represent the 2002 model year.)