1997 Corvette:  Fifth Generation of an American Legend

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1997 Corvette:  Fifth Generation of an American Legend

WARREN, Mich. - For only the fifth time in history, Chevrolet has recreated a legend. The 1997 Corvette is a new generation designed to excel in the areas most important to Corvette customers – ride and handling, performance, comfort and overall refinement. According to Dave Hill, Corvette Vehicle Line Executive and Chief Engineer, engineers and designers considered every aspect of the vehicle for potential improvement.

"We examined our weak points, and turned them into strengths," said Hill. "Things that were good, we made great. Things that were great are now even better." Hill's team designed the '97 Corvette to appeal to a wide range of buyers. According to Hill, "Even those customers who are import intenders are going to take a long, hard look at Corvette.

"Make no mistake," added Hill, "it'll thrill our current owners. It provides more sports car for the money than anything in its market segment. It'll pull nearly 1g, and it starts and stops quicker than you can blink. It truly is the best 'Vette yet."

John Middlebrook, Chevrolet General Manager, concurs with Hill, and paints a bright future for the Corvette.

"Corvette is now, and will continue to remain Chevrolet's flagship," said Middlebrook.

"It is our technological and image showcase. Even more importantly, Corvette stands as the most singularly dramatic example of what we mean by 'Genuine Chevrolet.'

"Corvette is much more than just a car," said Middlebrook. "It's a love affair. Words alone fail to convey the passion it inspires."