1996 Corvette LT1 vs. LT4 Engine Comparison

Below are the engine specifications and comparison between the 1996 Corvette LT1 and LT4 engines.

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1996 Corvette LT1 Engine Cutaway 1996 Corvette LT4 Engine Cutaway
1996 Corvette LT1 Engine 1996 Corvette LT4 Engine

Component LT1 LT4
Block Cast iron, short skirt Cast iron, short skirt
Bore x Stroke (in.) 4.00 x 3.48 4.00 x 3.48
Displacement 350 cu in, 5733 cc 350 cu in, 5733 cc
Crankshaft Cast iron Cast iron with undercut and rolled fillets
Torsional Damper Single mass Dual mass
Main Bearings Center Caps 4-bolt, End caps 2-bolt Center Caps 4-bolt, End caps 2-bolt
Connecting Rods Powdered metal Powdered metal
Pistons Eutectic aluminum/silicon alloy (Mahle 142) Eutectic aluminum/silicon alloy (Mahle 142)
Cylinder Heads Aluminum, 2 valves/cylinder Aluminum, 2 valves/cylinder
Valve Diameter Intake/Exhaust (in.) 1.94/1.50 2.00/1.55
Rocker Arms Conventional Roller pivot and tip
Valve Springs Round Section Oval section with higher closing forces
Cam Drive Link chain, powdered-metal sprockets Roller chain, steel sprockets
Valve-Open Duration, Intake/Exhaust (in.) 279/276 282/277
Valve Lift, Intake/Exhaust (degrees) 0.447/0.459 0.476/0.479
Valve Overlap (degrees) 41 46
Compression Ratio 10.4:1 10.8:1
Fuel Injection Electronic sequential port Electronic sequential port
Fuel Recommendation Premium Unleaded Premium Unleaded
Ignition Electronic, platinum tip spark plugs Electronic, platinum tip spark plugs
Horsepower (hp @ rpm) 300 @ 5,000 330 @ 5,800
Torque (lb-ft @ rpm) 340 @ 4,000 340 @ 4,500
Redline (rpm) 5,700 6,300
Mass * 785.3 lbs (356.2 kg) 1003.5 lbs (455.2 kg)

* Note:  These numbers are courtesy of GM Powertrain and come from the Mass Group at General Motors. They may not be 100% accurate.