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    << 1994 Corvette Production Numbers

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    1995 Corvette Production Numbers

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    Model Year Highlights
    • For 1995, Copper Metallic and Black Rose Metallic were no longer available as colors, but Dark Purple Metallic was added. Side-gill panels were revised to distinguish 1995 models from 1994 models.
    • Recommended tire pressures were decreased from 35psi to 30psi (except for ZR-1s). RPO FX3 spring rates were lowered to improve ride quality.
    • Windshield wiper arms had revised contact angels and higher contact patches to reduce windshield chatter and lift.
    • Interior refinements included new french-stich seams for the seats, an automatic transmission fluid temperature readout, numerous unseen velcro straps to reduce squeeks and rattles, stronger radio mount to reduce CD skipping, and a new drip tube was incorporated into A-pillar weather stripping to reduce water intrusion.
    • Corvette paced the Indianapolis 500 race in 1995 and Chevrolet produced a special Dark Purple and White convertible pace car model. On January 3, 1995, Chevrolet announced to its dealers that 522 pace cars would be produced with 87 of these for Indy festival and public relationsh use and 20 for Canada and European export. The remaining 415 would go to each of the top 415 dealers. Actual final production was 527.
    • In late 1994, connecting rods were changed to a new powdered-metal design to improve strength and weight uniformity. Fuel injectors were revised to better cope with alcohol-blended fuels and to reduce fuel dripping after engine shut-down. Engine cooling fan was modified for more quiet operation.
    • The four-speed automatic clutch controls were improved for smoother shifting, and the torque converter made lighter and stronger. The 6-speed manual was redesigned by replacement of the reverse lockout with a high-detent design for easier operation.

    Production Numbers
    RPO Description Price Coupe Convertible Production
    1YY07 Base Coupe $36,785   15,771
    1YY67 Base Convertible $43,665   4,971
    AG1 6-Way Power Driver Seat $305 NA NA 19,012
    AG2 6-Way Power Passenger Seat $305 NA NA 15,323
    AK5 Driver and Passenger Front Seat Inflatable Restraint System NA NA NA NA
    AQ9 Leather Sport Seats $625 NA NA 7,908
    AR9 European Style Reclining Seat NA NA NA NA
    CC2 Auxiliary Hardtop (convert.) $1,995 NA 459 459
    CC3 Removable Panels (Plastic) Hatch Roof NA NA NA NA
    CF7 Removable (nontransparent) Sun Roof NA NA NA NA
    C2L Dual Removable Roof Panels (consists of CF7 and CC3) $950 NA NA 2,979
    24S Removable Roof Panel, blue tint $650 4,688 NA 4,688
    64S Removable Roof Panel, bronze tint $650 2,871 NA 2,871
    C60 Manual Control Air Conditioning NA NA NA NA
    C68 Electronic Control Air Conditioning NA NA NA NA
    DC8 Remote Control Electric LH & RH Mirror NA NA NA NA
    DL8 LH & RH heated Sport Mirror NA NA NA NA
    D84 Two-tone Paint Scheme (05U ad 10U) NA NA 527 527
    FE1 Soft Ride Suspension NA NA NA NA
    FE7 Heavy Duty Suspension NA NA NA NA
    FE9 Federal Emission Certification NA NA NA NA
    FX3 Selective Ride and Handling Pkg. $1,695 NA NA 4,570
    GM1 2.59 Ratio Rear Axle NA NA NA NA
    GM3 3.45 Ratio Rear Axle NA NA NA NA
    GT7 3.33 Ratio Rear Axle NA NA NA NA
    G44 3.07 Ratio Rear Axle NA NA NA NA
    G92 Performance Axle Ratio $50 NA NA 10,056
    G95 Economy Rear Axle NA NA NA NA
    J55 Heavy Duty Brakes NA NA NA NA
    KG9 140 Amp Generator NA NA NA NA
    KW2 124 Amp Generator NA NA NA NA
    KO5 Engine Coolant Heater (Canada) NA NA NA NA
    LT1 8-Cylinder, 5.7L (VIN P) Engine NA NA NA 20,294
    LT5 8-Cylinder, 5.7L (VIN J) Engine NA NA NA 448
    ML9 ZF 6-Speed Manual Transmission NA NA NA NA
    MN6 6-Speed Manual Transmission $0.00 NA NA 4,784
    M30 Automatic 4-Speed 4L60-E Transmission NA NA NA NA
    NA5 Federal Emission System NA NA NA NA
    NB2 California Emission System NA NA NA NA
    NG1 New York Emission Requirements $100 NA NA 268
    NK4 Sport Leather Steering Wheel NA NA NA NA
    N66 17x9.5 inch Aluminum Wheels NA NA 527 527
    N84 Spare Tire Delete -$100 NA NA 418
    QA0 17 x 8.5 Aluminum Styled Wheel NA NA NA NA
    QA1 17 x 9.5 Rear Aluminum Styled Wheel NA NA NA NA
    QA2 17 x 9.5 Front and 17 x 11 Rear, Aluminum Styled Wheel NA NA NA 448
    QB6 17 x 8.5 Front and 17 x 9.5 Rear, Aluminum Styled Wheel NA NA NA NA
    T61 Daytime Running Lights NA NA NA NA
    UJ6 Low Tire Pressure Warning System $325 NA NA 5,300
    UM6 AM/FM Stereo, Seek/Scan, Auto Reverse Cassette, Clock, ETR Radio NA NA NA NA
    UU8 AM/FM Stereo, Stereo, Cassette, Dolby, Clock, ETR Radio NA NA NA NA
    UX0 Dual Floor Sill and Dual Extended Range Delco/Bose Speaker System NA NA NA NA
    U1F Delco Bose Stereo System w/ CD $396 NA NA 15,528
    U19 Kilometers and Miles Cluster NA NA NA NA
    U52 Electronic Instrument Cluster NA NA NA NA
    U75 Power Antenna NA NA NA NA
    WY5 Extended Mobility Tires $70 NA NA 3,783
    XAA Front Tire (P255/45ZR17) NA NA NA NA
    XAU Front Tire (P275/40ZR17) NA NA NA NA
    XFR Front Tire (P255/45ZR17, EMT) NA NA NA NA
    YAA Rear Tire (P285/40ZR17) NA NA NA NA
    YAU Rear Tire (P275/40ZR17) NA NA NA NA
    YBE Rear Tire (P315/35ZR17, EMT) NA NA NA NA
    YFR Rear Tire (P255/45ZR17, EMT) NA NA NA NA
    YFS Rear Tire (P285/40ZR17, EMT) NA NA NA NA
    YF5 California Emission Requirements $100 NA NA 2,026
    Z4Z Indy 500 Pace Car Replica Pkg. $2,816 NA 527 527
    Z07 Adjustable Susp. Pkg. (coupe only) $2,045 753 NA 753
    ZR1 Special Performance Pkg. $31,258 448 NA 448
    Production:  Coupes: 15,771  Convertibles:  4,971  Total:  20,742
    Note: The 1995 Corvette Indy Pace Car Option Package (RPO Z42) included the following options:  LT1, M30, G92, D84, N66, UIF, XAU, YAU, C68, 16T, 19I, 194, AG1, AG2, AQ9

    Color Options
    Exterior/Interior Combinations
    RPO Exterior Interior Soft Top Production
    05 Dark Purple Metallic B-LB-LG B-BG-W 1,049
    05/10 Dark Purple / White B-Pc W 527
    10 Arctic White B-LB-LG-R B-BG-W 3,381
    28 Admiral Blue B-LB-LG B-BG-W 1,006
    41 Black B-LB-LG-R B-BG-W 3,959
    43 Bright Aqua Metallic B-LB-LG B-BG-W 909
    45 Polo Green Metallic B-LB B-BG 2,940
    53 Competition Yellow B-LB-LG B-BG-W 1,003
    70 Torch Red B-LB-LG-R B-BG-W 4,531
    75 Dark Red Metallic B-LB-LG B-BG-W 1,437
    Interior Color Codes
    RPO Color Production
    143 LG NA
    193 (19I) B NA
    194 B-PC 527
    643 LB NA
    703 R NA
    Convertible Tops
    RPO Color Production
    NA B 2,505
    NA BG 1,244
    16T W 1,222
    B=Black, BG=Beige, LB=Light Beige, LG=Light Grey, PC=Pace Car Replica, R=Red, W=White
    Notes: All seating surfaces were leather.

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