1993 Corvette Identification Numbers

Below is a listing of common identification numbers and ways of identifying a 1993 Corvette LT1 and ZR-1.

VIN Tag Information
1G1YY23PXP5100001 - 1G1YY23PXP5121590
1G1YZ23J3P5800001 - 1G1YZ23J3P5800448 (ZR-1)
Digit Definition
1st Nation of Origin:  1 = U.S.
2nd Manufacturer:  G = GM
3rd Make and Type:  1 = Chevrolet Passenger
4th Carline:  Y = Corvette
5th Carline/Series:  Y = Corvette, Z= ZR-1
6th Body Type:  2 = Coupe Hatchback, 3 = Convertible
7th Restraint System:  1 = Manual Belts, 3 = Manual Belts w/ Driver Airbag
8th Engine:  J= LT5, P = LT1
9th Check digit to verify VIN correctly recorded.
10th Model Year:  P = 1993
11th Assembly Plant:  5 = Bowling Green, KY
Last 6 digits Production Number starting with 100001 and up for standard models, 800001 and up for ZR-1.

Engine Suffix ID Numbers
ZVA: 350ci, 300hp, (automatic transmission)
ZVB: 350ci, 300hp, (manual transmission)
ZVC: 350ci, 405hp

Block ID Numbers
10125327: 350ci, 300hp
10199001: 350ci, 405hp

Head ID Numbers
10174389: 350ci, 405hp (left hand)
10174390: 350ci, 405hp (right hand)
10205245: 350ci, 300hp