1991 Corvette Production Numbers

Below is a listing of production numbers and performance numbers for the 1991 Corvette L98 and ZR-1 models.

Model Year Highlights:

  • All 1991 models came with restyled front and rear bumpers featuring wrap around parking lamps and convex shaped brake lights.
  • Base wheels were the same size as the 1990 model but featured a new saw-blade design.
  • Callaway twin-turbo production ended in 1991. The 500th Callaway Twin Turbo model was built on 9-26-91.
  • RPO Z07 was a new option for '91 and combined the previous Z51 performance handling option with the FX3 selective ride and handling option. This new option used all heavy duty suspension parts yielding a ride that ranged from firm to very firm. This option was limited to coupes only.
  • Mufflers were redesigned from 1991 featuring larger sized, better exhaust sound control and lower back pressure.
  • New for 1991 was:  power delay feature which allowed the stereo system and power windows to continue to operate after the igntion was turned to "lock" or "off", power wire for 12 volt devices, a sensor using an oil pan float to monitor oil level, AM band on the radios was expanded to receive more frequencies.

Production Numbers
RPO Description Price Production   RPO Description Price Production
1YY07 Base Coupe $32,455 14,967   FX3 Selective Ride and Handling System $1,695 6,894
1YY67 Base Convertible $38,770 5,672   G92 Performance Axle Ratio $22 NA
AC1 Power Passenger Seat $290.00 17,267   KC4 Engine Oil Cooler $110 7,525
AC3 Power Driver Seat $290 19,937   MN6 6-spd, Manual Trans. $0.00 5,875
AQ9 Leather Sport Seats $1,050 10,650   NN5 California Emission Requirements $100 3,050
AR9 Base Leather Seats $425 NA   UJ6 Low Tire Pressure Warning System $325 5,175
B2K Callaway Twin Turbo $33,000 62   UU8 Delco Bose Stereo System $823 3,786
CC2 Auxiliary Hardtop (Convert.) $1,995 1,230   U1F Delco Bose CD Stereo System $1,219 15,345
C2L Dual Removable Roof Panels $915 5,031   V56 Luggage Rack (convert.) $140 886
24S Removable Roof Panel, blue tint $615 6,991   Z07 Adjustable Suspension Pkg. (coupe) $2,155 733
64S Removable Roof Panel, bronze tint $615 3,036   ZR1 Special Performance Handling Pkg. (coupe) $31,683 2,044
C68 Electronic Air Conditioning $180 19,233          
Production:  Coupes: 14,967  Convertibles:  5,672  Total:  20,639

Other Production Options
RPO Description   RPO Description
AJ3 Front Seat Inflatable Restraint System   J55 Heavy Duty Brakes
CC3 Removable Plastic Roof Panel   K05 Engine Block Heater (Canada Export only)
CF7 Removable Roof Panel (Solid Body Color)   K09 120-Amp Generator
C60 Manual Air Conditioning Controls   K68 105-Amp Generator
DC7 Electronic LH & RH Outside Mirrors   L98 8-Cyl., V8, 5.7L (Vin 8) Engine
DC8 Electronic LH & RH Outside Mirrors   LT5 8-Cyl., V8, 5.7L (Vin J) Engine
DL8 LH/RH Heated Sport Mirrors   MD8 4-Spd. 4L60 Automatic Transmission
D3X Speedometer Driven Gear (25513049)   NA5 Federal Emission systems
D4L Speedometer Driven Gear (25513050)   NK4 Sport Leather Steering Wheel
D7B Speedometer Driven Gear (25513043)   QA1 Wheel, 17 x 9.5, Aluminum
D7C Speedometer Driven Gear (25513045)   QA2 Wheels, 17 x 9.5 (Front),  17 x 11 (Rear), Aluminum
D8E Vehicle Speed Sensor (10456021)   T61 Daytime Running Lights
D8F Vehicle Speed Sensor (10456022)   UM6 Bose Stereo w/ CD & Cassette, Seek/Scan, Clock, ETR Radio
D8H Vehicle Speed Sensor (10456039)   UXO Dual Floor Sill & Extended Range Speaker System
FE1 Soft Ride Suspension   U19 Miles & Kilometers Dash Cluster
FE7 Heavy Duty Suspension   U52 Electronic Instrument Cluster
GM1 2.59 Rear Axle Ratio   U75 Power Antenna
GM3 3.45 Rear Axle Ratio (8.5 in. Ring Gear)   XAU Front Tire, P275/40ZR17
GU2 2.73 Rear Axle Ratio   YAU Rear Tire, P275/40ZR17
G44 3.07 Rear Axle Ratio   YBE Rear Tire, P315/35ZR17
JL9 Antilock Front and Rear Disc Brakes      
Production:  Coupes: 14,967  Convertibles:  5,672  Total:  20,639

Exterior/Interior Color Options
RPO Exterior WA # Interior Soft Top Production
10 White NA B-BK-G-R-S BG-BK-W 4,305
25 Steel Blue Metallic NA B-BK B-BK-W 835
35 Yellow NA BK-G-S BG-BK-W 650
41 Black NA B-BK-G-R-S BG-BK-W 3,909
42 Turquoise Metallic NA BK-S B-BK 1,621
75 Dark Red Metallic NA BK-S BG-BK-W 1,311
80 Quasar Blue Metallic NA BK-S BG-BK 1,038
81 Bright Red NA BK-G-R-S BG-BK-S 5,318
91 Polo Green Metallic NA BK-S BG-BK 1,230
96 Charcoal Metallic NA BK-G-S BK-W 417
Abbreviations:  B=Blue, BG=Beige, BK=Black, C=Cloth, G=Gray, L=Leather, R=Red, S=Saddle, W=White
Interior Color Codes
RPO Color Production
19C BK/C 379
60C S/C 105
193 BK/L 10,376
223 B/L 809
603 S/L 3,084
733 R/L 4,481
903 G/L 1,889
Convertible Top Color Codes
RPO Color Production
NA B 162
NA BG 950
NA BK 3,158
NA W 1,402
NOTE:  Blue soft tops were not available at the beginning of 1991 model production and were restricted to Steel Blue Metallic and Turquoise Metallic Corvettes.