1985 Corvette Identification Numbers

Below is a listing of VIN information and other identification numbers for the 1985 Corvette.

VIN Tag Information
1G1YY0787F100001 - 1G1YY0787F139729
Digit Definition
1st Nation of Origin:  1 = U.S.
2nd Manufacturer:  G = GM
3rd Make and Type:  1 = Chevrolet Passenger
4th Carline:  Y = Corvette
5th Carline/Series:  Y = Corvette
6th/7th Body Type:  07 = Corvette Coupe Hatchback
8th Engine:  8 = L98
9th Check digit to verify VIN correctly recorded.
10th Model Year:  F = 1985
11th Assembly Plant:  5 = Bowling Green, KY
Last 6 digits Production Number starting with 100001 and up.

Engine Suffix ID Numbers
ZDF: 350ci, 230hp, (automatic transmission)
ZJB: 350ci, 230hp, (manual transmission)
ZJC: Export
ZJJ: 350ci, 230hp, (automatic transmission, engine oil cooler)
ZJK: 350ci, 230hp, (manual transmission, engine oil cooler)

Alternator ID Numbers
Location: On top drive end frame.
1105450: 108 amp
1105585: 120 amp

Block ID Numbers
14010207: All Engines

Distributor ID Numbers
1103595: First Production
1103680: Second Production

Fuel Injection ID Numbers
17085049: All Models

Head ID Numbers
462624: All Engines

Rear Axle Number
Location: On bottom surface of carrier at cover mounting flange.

Transmission I.D.
Type: THM 700-R4
Number Location: Lower passenger side on mounting flange above cover.
Example: Transmission Identification Number
Digit Definition
1st: Model Year:  3 = 1983, 4 = 1984, 5 = 1985
2nd and 3rd: Model
4th, 5th and 6th: Julian Date (or day of year)
7th: Shift Built:  A & B = First Shift, C & H = Second Shift, D = Day, N = Night

Identification - click on the image for an larger view:

1985 Corvette Service Parts Identification Label

Service Parts Identificaton Label:

  • Description:  This label lists the VIN number, model code and Regular Production Option (RPO) codes used on the car.
  • Location:  Center portion of the rear storage compartment behind the driver's seat.