1984 - 1996 Corvette RPO Codes

Below is a complete listing of Regular Production Option (RPO) codes for the 1984 - 1996 C4 Corvette.

00L Only primer secondary (lower) exterior
00U Only primer exterior
01L Special non-Corvette secondary (lower) exterior
01U Special non-Corvette exterior
02L Special not color charted secondary (lower) exterior
02U Special not color charted exterior
05L Dark purple metallic secondary (lower) exterior
05U Dark purple metallic exterior
103 White leather interior 1984-92
103 Arctic white leather interior 1993-96
10I Arctic white interior
10T Arctic white convertible top
10U White exterior 1984-92
10U Arctic white exterior 1993-96
113 White leather interior
119 White safety belts
11P White wheels
11T White vinyl convertible top
122 Graphite leather interior
12C Graphite cloth interior
12I Graphite interior trim
12V Graphite cloth sport seats
13L Silver metallic secondary (lower) exterior
13U Silver metallic exterior 1985-88
13U Sebring silver metallic exterior 1996
143 Light gray leather interior
144 Light gray leather interior
14I Light gray interior trim
152 Medium gray leather interior
15C Medium gray cloth interior
15I Medium gray interior trim
15V Medium gray cloth sport seats
16L Bright silver metallic secondary (lower) exterior
16T Bright white convertible top
16U Bright silver metallic exterior
17P Silver gray wheels
18L Medium gray metallic secondary (lower) exterior
18U Medium gray metallic exterior
192 Black leather interior
193 Black leather interior
194 Black leather interior
195 Black leather interior
199 Black safety belts
19C Black cloth interior
19G Black cloth interior
19I Black interior trim
19T Black convertible top

C4 Corvette Forum
19U Black exterior
1AA Delete marketed base option package
1AY Stock order
1AZ Modification stock order or order sold
1BL Components of Z51 performance handling package
1CS Modification order caravan driveway
1DA Sequencing schedule 01
1DB Sequencing schedule 02
1DC Sequencing schedule 03
1DD Sequencing schedule 04
1DE Sequencing schedule 05
1DF Sequencing schedule 06
1DG Sequencing schedule 07
1DH Sequencing schedule 08
1DI Sequencing schedule 09
1DJ Sequencing schedule 10
1DK Sequencing schedule 11
1DL Sequencing schedule 12
1DM Sequencing schedule 13
1DN Sequencing schedule 14
1DO Sequencing schedule 15
1DP Sequencing schedule 16
1DQ Sequencing schedule 17
1DR Sequencing schedule 18
1DS Sequencing schedule 19
1DT Sequencing schedule 20
1DU Sequencing schedule 21
1DV Sequencing schedule 22
1DW Sequencing schedule 23
1DX Sequencing schedule 24
1DY Sequencing schedule 25
1DZ Sequencing schedule 26
1SA Marketed option package 1
1SB Marketed option package 2
1SC Marketed option package 3
1SD Marketed option package 4
1SE Marketed option package 5
1SF Marketed option package 6
207 Sport package
20L Light blue metallic secondary (lower) exterior
20U Light blue metallic exterior 1984-85
20U Medium blue metallic exterior 1986-89
212 Blue leather interior
21C Blue cloth interior
21I Medium blue interior trim
219 Medium blue safety belts
223 Steel blue leather interior
229 Steel blue safety belts
22I Steel blue interior trim
22T Blue convertible top
23L Medium blue metallic secondary (lower) exterior
23U Medium blue metallic exterior
24S Blue tint roof panel
25L Steel blue metallic secondary (lower) exterior
25U Steel blue metallic exterior
282 Medium blue leather interior
28C Medium blue cloth interior
28I Medium blue interior trim
28U Admiral blue exterior 1994-96
28U Dark blue metallic exterior 1988-89
28V Medium blue cloth sport seats
31U Arctic pearl exterior
33L Light driftwood metallic secondary (lower) exterior
33U Light driftwood metallic exterior
34T Beige II convertible top
35U Yellow exterior
4001ZA Malcolm Konner special edition
40A White accent stripes
40L White secondary (lower) exterior
40U White exterior
41I Black interior trim
41L Black secondary (lower) exterior
41P Black wheels
41T Black convertible top
41U Black exterior
42U Turquoise metallic exterior
43U Bright aqua metallic exterior
45U Polo green II metallic exterior 1992-93
45U Polo green metallic exterior 1994-96
53U Competition yellow exterior 1990-96
53U Gold metallic exterior 1984-87
592 Silver beige leather interior
59L Silver beige metallic secondary (lower) exterior
59U Silver beige metallic exterior
602 Saddle leather interior
603 Saddle leather interior
609 Saddle safety belts
60C Saddle cloth interior
60I Saddle interior trim
622 Saddle cloth interior
62C Saddle c loth interior
62I Saddle interior trim
62V Saddle cloth sport seats
63L Light bronze metallic secondary (lower) exterior
63U Light bronze metallic exterior
643 Light beige leather interior
649 Light beige safety belts
64I Light beige interior trim
64S Bronze roof panel
652 Bronze leather interior
65C Bronze cloth interior
65I Bronze interior trim
65V Bronze cloth sport seats
66U Copper metallic exterior 1986-94
66U Dark bronze metallic exterior 1984-85
67T Saddle vinyl convertible top
68T Beige convertible top
68U Dark red metallic exterior 1989-90
68U Ruby red metallic exterior 1993
69U Medium brown metallic exterior
703 Red leather interior
704 Red Collector edition leather interior
705 Red & black Grand Sport leather interior
70I Torch red interior trim
70U Torch red exterior
72U Bright red exterior
732 Red leather interior
733 Red leather interior
739 Red safety belts
73I Red interior trim
73U Black rose metallic exterior
742 Carmine red leather interior
74I Carmine red interior trim
74U Dark red metallic exterior
75U Dark red metallic exterior
793 Ruby red leather interior
79I Ruby red interior trim
79T Ruby red convertible top
80U Quasar blue metallic exterior
81L Bright red secondary (lower) exterior
81U Bright red exterior
84P Metal gray wheels
902 Gray leather interior
903 Gray leather interior
909 Gray safety belts
90I Gray interior trim
90U Gray metallic exterior
91U Polo green metallic exterior
96U Charcoal metallic exterior
A-2 Leather seats
A-8 Leather sport seats
A1E Oshawa delivery, additional windshield washer fluid
A26 European windows
A42 Standard leather seats
A4G Canadian requirements deleted
A51 Sport leather seats deleted
A5J Canadian accounting purposes
AC1 Power passenger sport seat
AC3 Power driver sport seat
ACM Vehicle lead unit
AG1 Power driver sport seat
AG2 Power passenger sport seat
AG9 Power driver seat
AJ3 Inflatable seats
AK5 Inflatable seats
AQ9 Reclining seats
AR9 European reclining seats
AS8 Manual restraint seats
AS9 Cloth sports seats
AU0 Remote entry second transmitter
AU3 Power door locks
AV3 Cargo tie down fastener
AX4 European manual restraint seat
B-8 Cloth sport seats
B0A Production week 19
B0B Production week 20
B0C Production week 21
B0D Production week 22
B0E Production week 23
B0F Production week 24
B0G Production week 25
B0H Production week 26
B0J Production week 27
B0K Production week 28
B0L Production week 29
B0M Production week 30
B0N Production week 31
B0P Production week 32
B0Q Production week 33
B0R Production week 34
B0S Production week 35
B0T Production week 36
B0U Production week 37
B0V Production week 38
B0W Production week 39
B0X Production week 52
B0Y Production week 3
B16 Special option package processing
B1T Plant build-out
B1X Optional steering gear ratio
B18 35th anniversary interior ornamentation
B2B Components of Z52 sport handling package
B2K Callaway twin-turbo
B2M First three weeks orders
B3W Advance price sheet
B4H Export noise control modification
B4M Custom feature package
B4P Radiator cooling boost fan
B4Z Custom option package
B57 35th anniversary exterior ornamentation
B6R Decal package
B74 Moldings for extra wide wheels
B8M Production week 1
B8N Production week 2
B8P Production week 40
B8Q Production week 41
B8R Production week 42
B8S Production week 43
B8T Production week 44
B8U Production week 45
B8V Production week 46
B8W Production week 47
B8X Production week 48
B8Y Production week 49
B8Z Production week 50
B9A Production week 51
B9C Production week 3
B9D Production week 4
B9E Production week 5
B9F Production week 6
B9G Production week 7
B9H Production week 8
B9K Cloth trim, Processing option
BAG Lose parts package
BGR Bowling Green assembly
BK2 Callaway twin turbo
BP4 Radiator boost fan
BX1 Front end special ornamentation
BZ0 Production week 9
BZ1 Production week 10
BZ2 Production week 11
BZ3 Production week 12
BZ4 Production week 13
BZ5 Production week 14
BZ6 Production week 15
BZ7 Production week 16
BZ8 Production week 17
BZ9 Production week 18
C05 Convertible folding top
C18 Export windshield washer, arms and blades
C2L Dual removable roof panels
C49 Electric rear window defogger
C60 Manual air condition
C68 Automatic electronic air condition
CC2 Auxiliary hardtop
CC3 Transparent roof panel
CF7 Nontransparent roof panel
CK4 Delivery Greece
CR5 Delivery Yugoslavia
CR6 Delivery Poland
CR7 Delivery Hungary
CS0 Delivery The Czech republic
CT1 Delivery Belgium
CT2 Delivery Austria
CT3 Delivery Germany
CT4 Delivery Luxembourg
CT5 Delivery The Netherlands
CT6 Delivery Italy
CT7 Delivery Denmark
CT9 Delivery Spain
CU1 Delivery Norway
CU2 Delivery Finland
CU3 Delivery France
CU4 Delivery Sweden
CU5 Delivery Switzerland
CU7 Delivery Kuwait
CU8 Delivery Saudi Arabia
CU9 Delivery United Kingdom
CV3 Delivery Mexico
CV5 Delivery Japan
CV6 Delivery Chile
CV7 Delivery England
CVA1 Marketed option package 2
CVAB Marketed option package 1
CW1 Delivery Korea
CW2 Delivery The Gulf States
CW3 Delivery Asia or Pacific countries
CW4 Delivery The Caribbeans
CW6 Delivery Guam
CW7 Delivery Puerto Rico or US Virgin Islands
CW8 Delivery Mexico or to Mexican border dealer
CW9 Delivery unregulated countries
CX2 Delivery Columbia
CX3 Delivery Ecuador
CYA1 Marketed option package 2
CYAB Marketed option package 1
CZ1 Delivery Central America
CZ2 Delivery China
CZ3 Delivery Russia
D3W Speedometer driven gear 25513044 red
D3X Speedometer driven gear 25513049 green
D36 Export inside rearview 10" tilt mirror
D4D Speedometer driven gear 25513047
D4L Speedometer driven gear 25513050 purple
D60 Trim color compatibility override
D64 Passenger vanity mirror
D74 Illuminated driver vanity mirror
D7A Speedometer driven gear 25513042 orange
D7B Speedometer driven gear 25513043 orange
D7C Speedometer driven gear 25513045
D81 Rear spoiler
D82 Special paint
D84 Two-tone paint
D8I Speedometer sensor 10456089
D8K Speedometer sensor 10456091
D8L Speedometer sensor 10456092
D98 Body side accent and deck lid stripes
D9A Speedometer sensor 25007224
D9B Speedometer sensor 25007308
DC7 Twin remote outside mirrors
DC8 Twin remote outside mirrors
DG7 Twin remote outside mirrors
DL5 Roadside service information decal
DL8 Twin remote heated outside mirrors
DS1 Diplomatic sales
E45 Protective convertible top cover
E5C Delete speedometer adaptor
E5Z Delete speedometer adaptor
E9Z Delete speedometer key
EXP Export vehicle
F45 Selective real time damping
F51 Heavy duty shock absorber
F58 Heavy duty front stabilizer bar
FE1 Base suspension
FE3 Sport suspension
FE7 High performance suspension
FE9 Federal emission certification
FG3 Preloaded gas shock absorbers
FLT Fleet processing
FX3 Selective ride and handling
G44 Rear axle 3,07 ratio
G87 Ring gear 8,50 inch
G92 Rear axle performance ratio
GH0 Rear axle 3,54 ratio
GM1 Rear axle 2,59 ratio
GM3 Rear axle 3,45 ratio
GT7 Rear axle 3,33 ratio
GU2 Rear axle 2,73 ratio
GW4 Rear axle 3,31 ratio
HE3 Rear axle 3,07 ratio
IL3 Interior trim design L3
IL4 Interior trim design L4
IL5 Interior trim design L5
IP3 Interior trim design P3
IPC Interior trim design (PC) (AR9) less finished parts
J55 High performance brake package
JL9 Anti-lock front and rear disc brakes
K05 Engine block heater
K09 120 amp generator
K29 Powertrain control module
K34 Cruise control
K61 97 amp generator
K68 105 amp generator
K69 Additional ignition key
KB2 Cast iron cylinder heads
KC4 Engine oil cooler
KG9 140 amp generator
KW2 124 amp generator
L83 Crossfire injection 5,7 l engine
L98 Tuned port injection 5,7 l engine
LT1 Generation II 5,7 l engine
LT4 Generation III 5,7 l engine
LT5 Digital fuel injection 5,7 l engine 32V
M30 Automatic 4-speed electronic transmission
MAE Marketing area Europe
MAU Unregulated marketing area
MD8 Automatic 4-speed transmission
MK2 Manual 4-speed Doug Nash transmission
ML9 Manual 6-speed, ZF-transmission
MM0 Automatic transmission
MM4 4-speed manual transmission
MN6 6-speed manual transmission
MX0 Automatic transmission
MY6 Manual 4-speed transmission
N31 Custom steering wheel
N81 Full size spare tire
N82 Sport wheels equipment
N84 Delete spare tire
NA5 Federal emission system requirements
NB1 Federal emission closed loop system
NB6 California emission system, TIER 1
NB8 California emission override
NC7 Federal emission override
NF2 Federal emission system, TIER 1
NG1 New York state emissions package
NG5 Fifty state certification emission registration
NK4 Sport leather steering wheel
NM5 Canada emission system
NM8 Compatible leaded fuel system
NN5 California emission package
P43 Delete spare tire inflator
PW9 Cast aluminum wheels, 16 x 9,5
PX2 Aluminum wheels
PY3 Aluminum wheels
QA0 Styled aluminum wheels, 17 x 8,5"
QA1 Styled aluminum wheels, 17 x 9,5
QA2 Styled aluminum wheels, 17 x 9,5 front, 17 x 11 rear
QB6 Styled aluminum wheels 17 x 8,5 front, 17 x 9,5 rear
QD2 Painted styled aluminum wheels 17 x 8,5" front, 17 x 9,5" rear
QWT All tires P245/60 R15
QZD 16" wheels with P255/50 VR16
QZY All tires P255/50 ZR16
R11 Service tech training center
R6A Control sales item 1
R6B Control sales item 2
R6C Control sales item 3
R6D Control sales item 4
R6E Control sales item 5
R6F Control sales item 6
R6G Control sales item 7
R6H Control sales item 8
R6I Control sales item 9
R6J Control sales item 10
R6K Control sales item 11
R6L Control sales item 12
R6M Control sales item 13 New Jersey cost surcharge
R6N Control sales item 14
R6P Control sales item 15
R6Q Control sales item 16
R6R Control sales item 17
R6S Control sales item 18
R6T Control sales item 19
R6U Control sales item 20
R6V Control sales item 21
R6W Control sales item 22
R6X Control sales item 23
R6Y Control sales item 24
R6Z Control sales item 25
R7A Control sales item 26 special option processing
R7B Control sales item 27
R7C Control sales item 28
R7D Control sales item 29
R7E Control sales item 30
R7F Control sales item 31
R7G Control sales item 32
R7H Control sales item 33
R7I Control sales item 34
R7J Control sales item 35
R7K Control sales item 36 Special option processing
R7L Control sales item 37
R7M Control sales item 38
R7N Control sales item 39
R7P Control sales item 40
R7Q Control sales item 41
R7R Control sales item 42
R7S Control sales item 43
R7T Control sales item 44
R7U Control sales item 45
R7V Control sales item 46
R7W Control sales item 47
R7X Control sales item 48
R7Y Control sales item 49
R7Z Control sales item 50
R8A Control sales item 51
R8B Control sales item 52
R8C Control sales item 53 National Corvette Museum delivery
R8D Control sales item 54
R8E Control sales item 55
R8F Control sales item 56
R8G Control sales item 57
R8H Control sales item 58
R8I Control sales item 59
R8J Control sales item 60
R8K Control sales item 61
R8L Control sales item 62
R8M Control sales item 63
R8N Control sales item 64
R8P Control sales item 65
R8Q Control sales item 66
R8R Control sales item 67
R8S Control sales item 68
R8T Control sales item 69
R8U Control sales item 70
R8V Control sales item 71
R8W Control sales item 72
R8X Control sales item 73
R8Y Control sales item 74
R8Z Control sales item 75
R9A Control sales item 76
R9B Control sales item 77
R9C Control sales item 78
R9D Control sales item 79
R9E Control sales item 80
R9F Control sales item 81
R9G Control sales item 82
R9H Control sales item 83
R9I Control sales item 84
R9J Control sales item 85
R9K Control sales item 86
R9L Control sales item 87
R9M Control sales item 88
R9N Control sales item 89
R9P Control sales item 90
R9Q Control sales item 91
R9R Control sales item 92
R9S Control sales item 93
R9T Control sales item 94
R9U Control sales item 95
R9V Control sales item 96
R9W Control sales item 97
R9X Control sales item 98
R9Y Control sales item 99
R9Z Control sales item 100
SPECU Silver beige/black exterior
SPU Silver beige/black exterior
T61 Daytime running lights
T72 Left hand traffic headlamps
T90 Export signaling and marker lamps
T93 Special tail and stop lamps
TG1 Military personnel delivery
U03 Horn noise regulation
U19 Kilometers and miles instrument cluster
U1F Delco Bose stereo system with CD and cassette
U52 Electronic instrument cluster
U75 Power antenna
UIF Delco Bose stereo system with CD and cassette
UJ6 Low tire pressure warning system
UL2 European radio frequencies
UL5 Radio delete
UM6 Electronically tuned stereo radio with cassette
UN8 AM/FM stereo system with citizens band
UQ4 Delco Bose four speaker system
UU8 Delco Bose AM/FM stereo radio with cassette
UX0 Delco Bose six speaker system
UXC Special radio provisions
UY5 Four speaker system
UY6 Special wiring provisions
V01 Heavy duty radiator
V08 Heavy duty cooling
V56 Luggage carrier
V73 Vehicle statement certification, US or Canada
W73 Vehicle statement certification, US or Canada
V76 Tow hook
V78 Delete vehicle statement
V87 Vehicle statement, Gulf States organizations
VB1 Shipping label Japan
VC1 Price/fuel economy label and courtesy delivery
VC2 Hydraulic brake fluid label
VC4 Price/fuel economy label, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands
VC5 Shipping label, except US, US possessions or Japan
VC7 Price/fuel economy label, Guam
VD1 European option provisions
VE1 Japanese option provisions
VE2 Applied protector
VG1 Underhood corrosion protector
VG6 Bumper impact information label, California
VG8 Vehicle label, notice to buyer
VG9 Protector wax, exterior body
VH3 Bumper impact information label, Hawaii
VH5 Vehicle identification plate
VJ9 California compliance emission label
VK3 Front license plate mounting package
VL2 Compact spare wheel caution label
VL4 Front license plate mounting package
VL5 Rear license plate mounting package
VL6 Front license plate mounting package for Japan
VL7 Information label front and rear bumper impact, New York
VM3 Information consumer label, bumper impact standards
VO1 Heavy duty radiator
VQ8 Fleet program, guaranteed partial repurchase
VS7 Non-saleable vehicle
VX7 Fleet program, cash on delivery, daily rental
W92 Direct sale
WD0 Start of platform
WD1 Pilot vehicle
WD2 Prototype vehicle
WDV Partial deductible warranty waiver
WT9 Order modification for domestic delivery
WY5 Performance package, extended mobility tires (EMT)
X05 Sales processing option 14
XAA Front tire P255/45 ZR17
XAU Front tire P275/40 ZR17
XCI Front tire P255/45 ZR17
XFR Front tire P255/45 ZR17, EMT
XJ5 Special equipment for Sweden
Y6X Pre-order evaluation test
YAA Rear tire P285/40 ZR17
YAU Rear tire P275/40 ZR17
YBE Rear tire P315/35 VR17
YCI Rear tire 255/45 ZR17
YE8 Corvette engineering department test vehicle
YF5 California emissions package
YFR EMT rear tire P255/45 ZR17
YFS EMT rear tire P285/40 ZR17
Z01 35th anniversary package
Z07 Adjustable performance handling package
Z15 Collector edition appearance package
Z16 Grand Sport appearance package
Z25 40th anniversary appearance package
Z31 Advance price sheet
Z49 Mandatory Canadian base equipment modifications
Z4Z Indy pace car replica
Z51 Performance handling package
Z52 Sport handling package
Z6A Rear window and side mirror defoggers
ZR1 Special performance package
ZR6 GM show vehicle
ZV1 Manufacturers statement of origin