1982 Corvette Identification Numbers

Below, you can find Vehicle Identification Number, casting dates, casting numbers, and other information for identifying the 1982 Corvette.

VIN Tag Information
1G1AY878XC5100001 - 1G1AY878XC5125408
Digit Definition
1st 1 = Nation Origin = US
2nd G = Manufacturer = GM
3rd Make/Type:  1 = Chevy/Passenger
4th Vehicle Restraint System:  A = Non-Passive/Manual Belts
5th Carline:  Y = Corvette
6th/7th Body Type:  87 = Corvette, 07 = Collector Edition
8th 8 = Engine Type = L83
9th Check digit to verify VIN#
10th C = Model Year = 1982
11th Assembly Plant:  5 = Bowling Green, KY
Last 6 digits Production Number starting with 500001 - 5125408.

Head ID Numbers
462624: 350ci, 190hp, Valve Size (in.) Intake/Exhaust:  1.94/1.50,  Combustion Chamber (cc.):  75.47

Cylinder Head Casting Number:

The cylinder head casting number is usually found on top of the cylinder head in between two valves and the rocker arm studs.

Cylinder Head Casting Date:
The cylinder head casting date is usually found adjacent to the cylinder head casting number. The casting date code is an alphanumeric sequenced number. The first digit is usually a letter which specifies the month that the block was cast. Some casting dates have been found with all digits being numbers, the first of which corresponds to the month.

Cylinder Head Casting Number Month Codes (1st Digit)
A - January E - May I - September
B - February F - June J - October
C - March G - July K - November
D - April H - August L - December

Two main plants were casting Chevrolet engine parts during 1972: Flint, Michigan and Tonawanda, New York.

Example:  Flint Cylinder Head Casting Number - D 19 9

  • D:  Month = April
  • 19:  Casting Day = 19th
  • 9:  Casting Year = 1959

Example:  Tonawanda Cylinder Head Casting Number - D 19 59

  • D:  Month = April
  • 19:  Casting Day = 19th
  • 59:  Casting Year = 1959

Engine Suffix ID Numbers
ZBA: 350ci, 200hp (automatic transmission)
ZBC: 350ci, 200hp (automatic transmission, California emissions, early production)
ZBN: 350ci, 200hp (automatic transmission, California emissions)

Block ID Numbers
14010207: All Engines

Head ID Numbers
462624: All Engines

Alternator ID Numbers
1101071, 1101075, 1103091, 1103103

Distributor ID Numbers
1103479: All Engines