1978 Corvette Indy Pace Car Decal Part Numbers

When a 1978 Iny Pace car was ordered, the printed build sheet listed a number of limited edition items. For example, RPO Z78 was called Appearance Package, 25th Anniversary (Limited Edition). The RPOs associated with that defined a Pace car and included RPO D88 for accent stripes, D75 for the rear spoiler, D80 for the front air damn reflector, DL6 for the pace car decal and CC1 for the glass T-tops and all of the other convenience options.

With the exception of D88 and DL6, all other Pace Car decals were placed in a single box in the rear storage compartment of each Pace Car that left the factory. The part number for this box is GM #476282. Below is a summary of the decals and part numbers that came in that box:

Decals: Limited Edition Pace Car
  Part Number Exterior Location Description
Factory Application 476281 Front Fender Limited Edition
Storage Box 476282 Storage Compartment Decal Box Assembly
476283 Door Door Emblem Official Pace Car
476284 Rear Quarter Panel Indianapolis Motor Speedway
476285 NA Dealer Preparation Instructions

RPO D88 lists the nine individual red/silver accent stripes listed below:

Z78 RPO D88 Accent Stripes
Quantity Location Description
1 Hood rise Hood accent stripe
1 Front bumper Front bumper stripe
1 Rear bumper Rear bumper stripe
2 Front fenders Front fender stripe
2 Rear quarter panel Rear quarter panel stripes
2 Door Door stripes