1978 Corvette Pace Car Litigation Article - Canada

The following aticle appeared in the Wednesday, May 24, 1978 edition of the Toronto Star newspaper and describes the court ruling over litigation involving a law suit that an individual brought upon a Chevrolet dealership regarding the price of a 1978 Corvette Pace Car.

Dealer sued on 'rare' car

By Ted Sherman
Star - Ledger

A Florham Park man has filed suit against a Passaic car dealer, alleging he is being take for a ride over a limited-edition car that has suddenly become an expensive collector's item.

James Danishek placed an order in February for a special Indy Pacer Corvette sports car from Irwin Chevrolet, but was told last week the owner now wants to keep the car himself.

Chevrolet is producing only 6,500 models of the Indy Pacer car to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the introduction of the Corvette, with one going to every Chevy dealership in the country.

In a suit filed in Passaic County Superior Court, Danishek contended the dealership broke the contract with him in order to sell the car to someone else for more than the $15,000 he contracted for.

The complaint included a copy of the a newspaper article about a man from Glen Rock, who paid approximately $25,000 for the limited edition Corvette from another dealer.

In his suit, Danishek claimed the price of the car has increased framatically since production was announced, noting the now unique automobile is selling for a s much as $50,000 to collectors in a secondary market.

Danishek's attorney, Stephen Pollan of Passaic, said similar suits have been filed in Morris and Union counties.

Superior Court Judge Peter Ciolino issued a temporary restraining order to prohibit Irwin Chevrolet from selling or transferring the sports car until a hearing can be held June 6.