1978 Corvette Press Release From GM

Below is the official 1978 GM Press Release on the 1978 Corvette.

Public Relations Department

Chevrolet Motor Division
General Motors Corporation
General Motors Building
Detroit, Mich. 48202  313-556-5937

The Chevrolet Corvette marks a 25th anniversary milestone in 1978 with new fastback appearance and improvements in performance and handling.

The new aerodynamic look is the most extensive change for Corvette in several years. Refinements in comfort, convenience, improved utility, and increased operating range add to the appeal of America's only authentic sports car.

Retaining its traditional distinction as America's one-of-a-kind fiberglass bodied sports car, the 1978 Corvette spotlights these changes:

  • fastback roof line with a wraparound rear glass area more than three and half times larger than before!
  • completely restyled interior with larger and more accessible rear storage area that has a security cover!
  • performance gains for optional L81 high performance 5.7 litre (350 CID) engine with increased power torque ratings!
  • new tinted glass lift-out roof panels!
  • special 25th anniversary emblems and a special 25th anniversary two-tone paint option!
  • increased operating range with a 24 gallon fuel cell replacing the former 17 gallon unit!

The most striking feature of the 1978 Corvette styling is the wraparound rear glass which provides greater rear quarter visibility with 1,425 square inches of surface area compared with 293 square inches on the former model.

Power and torque ratings of the optional 350 CID V8 engine have been increased for 1978 by improvements in the cold air induction and in the exhaust system. A new dual snorkel carburetor air inlet system delivers a greater amount of cool, dense air while larger diameter exhaust and tailpipes and lower restriction mufflers reduce back pressure.

The three-speed automatic transmission used with the optional 5.7 litre engine is lighter weight and has a low inertia, high stall torque converter for increased performance. The rear axle ratio of the engine used above 4,000 feet altitude and in California has been changed from 3.08 to 3.55 to 1 to give better starting ratio and more responsive performance throughout the speed range.

To commemorate the 25th year of Corvette production, a special Silver Anniversary paint option will be offered. It includes a two-tone silver and gray paint treatment with accents body contours.

The new Corvette has improved cruising range with a new 24-gallon fuel cell replacing the previous 17-gallon tank. The new fuel cell has a molded plastic inner liner in a steel container. Space for the larger cell is made available by the use and stowage of a new, lighter weight temporary spare.

Six of the ten distinctive exterior colors are new for 1978 and there is a choice of seven interiors, four of which are new. Still other new 1978 features are:

  • A new one-piece full padded instrument panel witih front-mmounted cluster that can be removed more readily for service. Printed circuits are used for improved reliability.
  • Theft alarm extended to include roof panels along with the current keylock control system which was moved from the left front fender to the left-hand door lock in mid-1977 model year.
  • Larger rear shock absorbers with the optional Gymkhana package for more effective wheel control.
  • An optional AM/FM CB STEREO radio with full 40 channels that uses a tri-band rear deck power antenna.
  • Wiper and washer control has been moved from the steering column stalk to the instrument panel. Turn signal and headlight dimmer controls remain on the steering column.