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Build records were produced and distributed sequentially from the point of dealer order through delivery and dealer invoicing. The 1978 set, contributed by author Tom Russo, represents a 1978 Pace Car and is an excerpt from Corvette Buildsheet Book: Study Guide for 1973-82 Build Records.

Dealer Order

Dealers received pre-printed dealer forms, sequentially numbered from GM for all models. Special editions were exceptions such as the 1978 Pace Car and 1982 Collector's Edition. Note the dealer order number LE6895 (Limited Edition) and the dealer number and GM zone number. This set of numbers prints on all original vehicle documents.

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Dealer Order Confirmation Notices

GM Zone Office corresponded with the dealer to confirm options and ensure parts and paint for buyer options were not constrained (unavailable) P255 GT Radials and CC1 glass t-tops. Each notice lead with the dealer order number relevant data, and RPOs. RPO adds and deletes were documented with these notices. For example, note 47L (silver lower) was deleted "by the system" while 19L was added. The 19L is black paint lower. The buildsheet prints the revised paint scheme for a Pace Car as corrected by computer confirmation notices. The order was sent by zone to the St Louis Corvette Assembly Plant and queued into production once confirmation with the dealer is completed.

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Build Sheet

The buildsheet is printed with RPOs, broadcast codes and dealer information. Look for the dealer order number LE6895 toward the bottom and to the right of the dealer address box. Also note that the VIN is hand typed in the upper right hand corner (902324). Once production moved to Bowling Green, VINs were pre-assigned prior to assembly and printed along with production data and RPOs on the buildsheet.

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Dealer Invoice

Data for the dealer invoice prints from the data set created to print the dealer order confirmation notices and the buildsheet. Note that the dealer order number prints in the lower right box and the VIN prints at the top.

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Window Sticker

Finally, the Retail Invoice Label or commonly called the window sticker is printed with RPOs, retail costs, the vehicle identification number (VIN), dealer order number. Dealer data prints to the right at the top while VIN prints on the left.

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Date Sequencing

Of particular interest is the sequence of dates. The Corvette has a trim tag code of H05 (April 5th). The buyer completed the dealer order 1/3/78. The buildsheet in the upper left hand corner has SCHED NO box with 04-04 (April 4th). The 04-04 is the estimated date of production or when body assembly would begin. Thus, we see that the trim tag was riveted to the body on April 5th, a day after the body began assembly.

The dealer invoice shows a ship date and invoice date of 04/12/78 (top row) while the bottom shows an Expiration of Transit Time of 04/24/78. Assuming interior trim, marriage to chassis, testing, etc took another 1-2 days. This Corvette rolled off the factory floor approximately April 7, 1978, invoiced and shipped 04/12/78. Of course it is possible it was pulled for repairs which would have pushed completion closer to the 04/12/78 date. The buyer took delivery from the dealer 5/10/78.