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1953 - 1962 Corvette Radiator Specifications

1953 - 1955

3130953 Copper Six-cylinder engine
3133689 Copper V-8 engine

1956 - 1957

3133689 Copper All

1958 - 1959

3139588 Copper Very early 1958 only; may not have been used
3141674 Copper All


3141674 Copper 230, 245 & 250 Horsepower
3147516 Aluminum 270 & 290 Horsepower; with top tank

Note: Some 270 & 290 HP 1960 models may have used the copper radiator listed.


3141674 Copper 230, 245 & 275 Horsepower to approximate VIN #1700
3151116 Aluminum 270 & 315 Horsepower to approximate VIN #1700
3150916 Aluminum All engines after approximate VIN #1700; with 3151016 external supply tank


3150916 Aluminum All engines; with 3151016 external supply tank

Radiator Notes:   Corvette radiators were manufactured by the Harrison Division of General Motors at Lockport, New York. The early (1953-61) copper radiators have a Harrison Division identification tag soldered to the center, inlet side of the upper core tank, containing the radiator part number (as listed above) and a manufacturing date code. 1960-62 aluminum radiators have their part number and date code identification stamped into a tag which is fastened with screws to the top of the radiator.

Radiator Date Codes:

All radiator codes began with a two-digit set of charaters that consist of the model year. Example: a 1958 Corvette would have a "58" prefix to the date code. Following the modl year prefix is a monthly code which is shown below:

Character Month of Production
A January
B February
C March
D April
E May
F June
G July
J August
K September
L October
M November
N December