1962 Corvette Identification Numbers

VIN Tag Information
20867S100001 - 20867S114531
Digit Definition
1st Model year:  2 = 1962
2nd / 3rd Series:  08 = Corvette
4th/5th Body Style:  67 = 2-door convertible
6th Assembly Plant:  S = St. Louis, MO.
Last 6 digits Production Number starting with 100001 - 114531

Engine Suffix ID Numbers
RC: 327ci, 250hp, (manual transmission)
RD: 327ci, 300hp, (manual transmission)
RE: 327ci, 340hp (manual transmission)
RF: 327ci, 360hp (manual transmission)
SC: 327ci, 250hp (automatic transmission)
SD: 327ci, 300hp, (automatic transmission)

Block ID Numbers
3782870: All Engines

Head ID Numbers
3782461: 327ci, 300hp, 340hp, 360hp
3884520: 327ci, 250hp
3795896: 327ci, 250hp

Carburetor ID Numbers
Carter 3190S #3788245: 327ci, 250hp (automatic transmission, early production)
Carter 3191S #3788246: 327ci, 250hp
Carter 3310S #3819207: 327ci, 300hp (automatic transmission)
Carter 3296S #3797699: 327ci, 300hp (manual transmission), 340hp

Distributor ID Numbers
1110984: 327ci, 250hp, 300hp
1110985: 327ci, 340hp
1110990: 327ci, 360hp (early production)
1111011: 327ci, 360hp

Fuel Injection ID Numbers
Rochester 7017355 (early production)
Rochester 7017360

Generator ID Numbers
1102174: 327ci, 250hp, 300hp
1102268: 327ci, 340hp, 360hp

Transmission Identification Numbers:

1962 Corvette: Service Bulletin: Transmission Identification Information

Additional Identification Information:

1962 Corvette: Service Bulletin: 1962 Passenger Car and Truck Unit Serial Numbers