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VIN Tag Information
E57S100001 - E57S106339
Digit Definition
1st E = Series / Model = 2934 / Corvette
2nd / 3rd Model Year = 57
4th Assembly Plant  S = St. Louis, MO.
Last 6 digits Production Number starting with 100001 - 106339.

Engine Suffix ID Numbers
EF: 265ci, 220hp, (manual transmission)
EG: 283ci, 270hp, (manual transmission)
EH: 283ci, 245hp (manual transmission)
EL: 283ci, 283hp (manual transmission)
EM: 283ci, 250hp (manual transmission)
EN: 283ci, 270hp, (manual transmission, cold air induction, uncertain usage)
FG: 283ci, 245hp (automatic transmission)
FH: 283ci, 283hp (automatic transmission)
FK: 283ci, 250hp (automatic transmission)

Block ID Numbers
3731548: All Engines

Head ID Numbers
3740997: 283ci, 220hp, 245hp, 250hp, 270hp
3731539: 283ci, 283hp

Carburetor ID Numbers
Carter 2362S #3720953: 283ci, 245hp (rear carburetor)
Carter 2366SA #3733246: 283ci, 220hp (first design)
Carter 2419S #3730599: 283ci, 245hp (front carburetor, first design)
Carter 2613S #3741089: 283ci, 270hp (front carburetor)
Carter 2614S #3741090: 283ci, 270hp (rear carburetor)
Carter 2626S #3744002: 283ci, 245hp (front carburetor, second design)
Carter 2627S #3744004: 283ci, 245hp (rear carburetor, second design)
Carter 2655S #3744925: 283ci, 220hp (second design)

Distributor ID Numbers
1110889: 283ci, 250hp, 283hp
1110891: 283ci, 220hp, 245hp, 270hp
1110905: 283ci, 250hp (manual/automatic transmission), 283hp
1110906: 283ci, 250hp (automatic transmission)
1110908: 283ci, 283hp

Fuel Injection ID Numbers
Rochester 7014360: 283ci, 250hp, 283hp (early production)
Rochester 7014520: 283ci, 250hp, 283hp
Rochester 7014800: 283ci, 250hp, 283hp, (late production)
Rochester 7014960: 283ci, 283hp (late production)

Generator ID Numbers
1102043: All Engines